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Dirt Cheap Backlink Sources for SEO Campaigns on a Budget A SEO-News Exclusive

Whether you’re reeling from Google Penguin or are just starting out in SEO, you may not have the cash to rent links from high
PR sites or submit your press release to authorities like Fortunately, you can get some quality, contextual backlinks on the cheap using these seldom-used backlink goldmines.

Search between your couch cushions for long lost pennies, beg for spare change and get ready for the best-value links the net has to offer.

Do you have a product or service that you charge money for? Then Tomoson is a fantastic place to get bloggers in your niche to review your product for free in exchange for a link. You can give away a physical product, an ebook or a trial of your service to bloggers big and small. In exchange for the goodie they’ll review your product and drop a backlink to your site. You can even get some decent traffic from the bloggers’ sites and social media accounts if you can get enough bloggers to sign up for your offer.

Simply head over to, register for an account, and post what they call a Promotion. You can screen reviewers based on Twitter followers, Facebook fans and Alexa rank. You can even specify what URL and anchor text they should use for the link!

Most internet marketers laugh at because they assume you can’t get quality links for only $5. Guess what? They’re wrong. Sure, you’re not going to help your site’s rank by buying 5,000 spammy blog comments or a boatload of profile links. But, if you dig deep, you can find broke webmasters that will accept an article from you (and a link back to your site) in exchange for five bucks. Some will even write the article for you.

This strategy is sort of like guest posting minus the quality-requirements most sites (understandably) have for their guest posts.

Here are some search strings to help find these underrated sources of high-PR links:

“I’ll write a review”

“Post your article on my”

“My PR2 (or PR3,4 etc.) site”

“Accept your guest post”

Warning: Sadly, there are no shortage of scammers on Fiverr with fake PR sites (there’s even a guy on there claiming to have a PR10 site!). When the provider completes the job, check to make sure they have live backlinks pointing to their site and a decent Page Authority/Domain Authority.

Guest Posting

Guest posting takes a lot of legwork and fair share of writing talent to work. Despite those drawbacks guest posting has a few advantages:

* You can get contextual links from aged, authority sites.

* You develop a relationship with another webmaster.

* You put your site in front of a new audience in your niche.

* It’s free!

To get the most out of guest posting, I highly recommend using sites like to find webmasters that are actively seeking guest posters. I’ve posted over 50 guest posts via for, including posts on some aged, high PR domains.

However, there are a lot of webmasters on that site gunning for free content. If you deliver high-quality stuff, you should be picky about where your guest post ends up.

Relevant Blog Comments

In the Wild West days of SEO you could rank a site by setting up a nuclear blast of ScrapeBox blog comments. Even though those days are long gone. Blog comments do have a place in your backlink profile –provided you do it right.

The typical approach to blog commenting was to place your comment on a high PR page. While that still holds some value, it’s far better to comment on articles closely tied to your niche.

Here are some search strings to put into Google that will help you find relevant articles that accept comments:

“your keyword” + “post your comment”

“your keyword” + “you must be registered or logged into comment”

Of course, make sure that your comment isn’t a generic “great post” sort of thing. Actually read the article and add something valuable to the discussion.

Note: some of these links will be nofollow, but in my extensive testing nofollow links do pass some link juice.

Do you have any low-cost SEO tactics that work for you? Are there any expensive backlinks that you think are worth the money?

About the author:
Article by Spencer R Mitchell. Spencer is an SEO pro that helps enterprise clients outperform their competitors in social media and in the SERPs.

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Thanks for the mention of PRWeb in your blog post! We appreciate it (especially because PRWeb is now #1 in SEO, as well as traffic and social sharing). You outline some great SEO tactics here, and we can relate to guest posting and blog comments. We like guest posting the most because not only is it good for SEO, it’s great for thought leadership. Looking forward to reading more from you guys.

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