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Four Tips For Using Images Successfully In SEO

Content is of great importance when running a search engine optimisation campaign but images also play an influential role. Increasing numbers of image searches are being carried out online and can direct traffic to your web pages. Research has also found that the images within a web page can have a major affect on how long visitors stay on a page. Therefore, it is vital business owners are using images within their websites as appropriately as possible.

The first thing a site owner must do when considering adding web pages to their site is to find the most suitable image available. There are a number of quality sources of images available online offering images of all kinds and suitable for many different businesses. Spending some time looking through the numerous images on offer and being choosy about which you use within your site is worthwhile because having the right image can make a significant difference.

The image you select for a web page must be relevant to the content within that page if it is going to work effectively for your business. You want traffic which has shown an interest in an image like yours to read appropriate content with the image. You also want those arriving on your web page from a content search to find the image which is featured with it interesting and appealing. Relevancy is a big issue in SEO and it is important to always make sure your images are relevant to the content which they accompany.

If you want the search engines to find and rank your images in their search results, you have to do all you can to help them to understand what your image is about and what type of search it is relevant to. One way of letting the search engines know about the content of your image is by including descriptive text in the image file name. State the main elements of the image in the file name and this will help to get the image noticed and understood.

Another way to help the search engines gain an understanding of your image is by including descriptive text in the alt tags too. The search engines cannot explore an image the way they can a piece of content and so rely upon the text which accompanies it in order to get an idea of what the image is about. Create quality text relevant to the image you have displayed on your web page and this will help to optimise your images a great deal.

Four Tips For Using Images Successfully In SEO

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