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Google Has Made Changes To Its Search Quality Guidelines

Google has made some changes to their Search Quality Guidelines and in this post we will go through the most important ones that could effect your business.

Firstly Google has taken off the emphasis of supplementary content on your website, so whereas before things like sidebar tips, related content and anything that could be seen as helpful to the visitor.

Now you are probably thinking why have they decided to make this decision, however because they want less emphasis, it doesn’t mean that you should take off every bit of supplementary content on your website! Google has come to the conclusion that yes, it contributes to a better user experience, but it doesn’t directly help the webpage achieve its purpose.

So before you go off to remove every single bit of supplementary content, Google still wants it on your site!

Google does want more emphasis on the role of YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) at E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness).

Firstly YMYL are the types of pages that Google holds to the highest possible standard because they are the pages that can have a big impact on a person’s life, such as child support or retirement planning websites.

From now on, if you low-quality pages are in the YMYL category, they are going to fall extremely far in the search engine rankings, because Google doesn’t want them to have a negative effect on the user who is looking at a site that could potentially change their lives.Google Search YMYL

As you can see from the search results above, is a trustworthy and high quality website in a YMYL category, so it ranks at the top.

E-A-T refers to what people think of your website’s overall value, more simply if they think your website is worth staying on. E-A-T is a great rule to follow in SEO, because you are basically trying to make the user want to stay on your website. So if you have a good amount of expertise within your content, then you have to show that to the user with simple tools like having a WordPress author description and image. Are you an expert because you have years of experience? Then let the user know!wnw mobile

Authority and trust fall under the same category, as you’re main goal is to get your visitor to stay on your website, so you have to make them trust the site they are on and that can come from the website’s design alongside the content within the site.

Recently Google have been really trying to get everyone on board with having a responsive website that can be viewed on mobile devices and they have once again emphasised the importance of this, so please make sure you have a responsive design!

Google algorithms search for responsive designs, so if you haven’t listened to all the warnings that have been fired out in the last year, your website is going to rank very low in the search engines.

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