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Google Checkout No More. Google Wallet Takes Over.

Google announced that it is dropping Google Checkout, and will be transitioning it to its newer product Google Wallet.

Google Wallet was first announced back in May, and was officially launched in September.

You can read more about Google Wallet itself here and here.

Google says transitioning Google Checkout to Google Wallet, it is “building one wallet,” and this is a sensible way to look at it. There’s no real reason to have two payment products. Why not have one really solid feature rich product that can go head to head with PayPal? And certainly, they’ll only continue to add features and gain partners.

Google says it is taking all of the functionality of Google Checkout and merging it with Google Wallet, so users shouldn’t have too much trouble transitioning.

In a post on Google’s Commerce Blog, Google Wallet product manager Ben Lee writes:

For all you busy holiday shoppers, Google Wallet provides a simple and safe way to make online purchases. When you shop with merchants that accept Google Wallet or Google Checkout, just use your Google Wallet username and password to complete your purchase — there’s no need to pull out your credit card or enter your shipping address with every transaction. Starting tomorrow, if you add a Citi MasterCard to the Google Wallet mobile app, it will also be available for use when you shop with Google Wallet online.

We’re committed to upgrading our payment solutions for merchants while ensuring they’re able to process payments without interruption during the holidays — so shoppers using Google Wallet will be able to make purchases seamlessly on merchant sites that accept Google Checkout. Early next year, we will work closely with our merchant partners to switch to the Google Wallet logo and share details on new and upcoming features.

“Realistically this is an admission that Checkout hasn’t caught on, otherwise Google could have built offline payments into Checkout rather than launching them as a rebranded Google Wallet,” says Chris Dawson at e-commerce news site Tamebay. “How well Wallet will catch on has yet to be seen. The big question is will you change the Google Checkout logos on your websites to Google Wallet, or will you just press the delete button and allow buyers to use other payment methods?”

Google has a FAQ page specifically for the transition here.

Current Google Checkout users can automatically transition their accounts to Google Wallet the next time they sign in or make an online purchase. Users can access their online purchase history at

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