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Google Launches Trusted Store Program To Reward Online Retailers

With the festive season knocking at your door, searchers are busy looking for the best deals online. However, at the same time they are not willing to buy from unreliable or unfamiliar online stores. Addressing this concern, Google recently launched Google Trusted Stores that will help online shoppers to identify and locate trusted online stores that provide excellent customer service.

Google Trusted Stores is a certification program that Google will award to certain online merchants in the form of a ‘Trusted Stores Badge’. However the participating sites must meet a number of shipping and customer service standards/metrics in order to receive the badge which they can display across their website to attract more sales.

These metrics include:

High percentage of orders with on-time shipping
Low average days for product to ship
High percentage of issues resolved quickly
Low number of customers needing assistance with an issue
Tom Fallows, Google Commerce Team Product Manager anticipates that the program will help reduce the risks associated with online shopping.

The Google Trusted Store badge is awarded to e-commerce sites that demonstrate a track record of on-time shipping and excellent customer service. When visiting a qualifying store, shoppers can hover over the Google Trusted Store badge and see metrics on the store’s shipping and customer service performance.
The program is still in closed beta testing with online stores like, Wayfair,, and Beach Audio signing up for the trials. It is reported that over the next several months, Google will do extensive testing of the badges and other aspects of the program to determine the overall impact of the new program on the test sites. All of the merchants included in the program are required to share information with Google related to customer service and shipping.

To receive the Google Trusted Store program, merchants must voluntarily share data about their shipments to Google and also let Google collect customer service metrics when shoppers seek Google’s help with a problem related to purchases on that site. Once accepted to the Trusted Stores program, Google will provide the merchant with an official badge to display and offer the customers up to $1,000 of protection post purchase. To apply, click here.

There are more details on this program in the video below.

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