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Google Page Speed – Optimised vs Speed – What’s Changed?

You may have already heard about and seen the changes to Google page speed that happened back in June 2018. We’ve been busy adjusting and improving this for all of our clients, and we thought it was time to share this new tool with any of you who may not have seen this.

Google page speed now uses a different system in order to measure how optimised your website is, this is called Lighthouse. So, now instead of telling you how ‘fast’ your website is, you will know how optimised it is for Google in terms of speed.

It is now easier than ever before to score full marks, that all-important 100 out of 100!

However, with the new updates you can score 100 on your page speed without having to complete everything possible to improve your website. So, you can still improve your website further even when you’ve reached full marks.

Here is what the new Google page speed looks like:

So, what else has changed?

To the gripe of developers and digital marketers alike, previously your score was penalised for using Google Analytics – Google’s own reporting tool.

Thankfully, this is no longer the case, along with finally integrating Google Fonts into the scoring system. You will no longer penalised for using Google’s own tools.

There is also new ‘diagnostics’ and ‘opportunities’ sections to help identify issues and the potential for solving them.

Some common page speed issues include:

  • Not minifying code (removing white space and new lines etc from code to keep it uniform)
  • Not optimising images for the right scale or format type
  • Not using browser caching tools

You may need to pass over any ‘fixes’ or ‘improvements’ to your developers in order to work to improve your page speed and optimise your site further.

Remember, even if your speed score is 100 there can still be room for improvement.

Why is a good score optimal for SEO?

Making your site faster ensures your website ranks well in Google search.

It can improve user experiences and therefore increase conversion rates on your website – nobody will hang around to buy if your webpage won’t load.

The updated Page Speed Insights tool has improved the metrics around how to measure page speed and suggests many areas of improvement to try.

Aiming for a fully optimised website will give you the edge against your competitors who are just aiming for the bare minimum.

If you are interested in finding out more information about why page speed is so crucial and what can be done to optimise your website further, contact our team of experts today!

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