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Google+ Sign-in Updates Make Developers’ Lives Easier

Google has given its social network’s sign-in a makeover to make it easier and more effective for developers to include Google authentication in their apps.

The makeover consists of three updates:

1. Support for all Google account types including Google Apps users and users who do not have a Google+ profile.

2. Easy migration from other auth methods

“If you’re using OpenID v2 or OAuth 2.0 Login for authentication and want to upgrade to Google+ Sign-In, we’ve made it easy to do so; it’s entirely your choice,” says Google+ product manager Yaniv Yaakubovich.

According to Yaakubovich, Google+ sign-in can increase a developer’s audience in several ways such as over-the-air installs, interactive posts, and cross-device sign-on. Also, it is now fully compatible with the OpenID Connect standard.

More details are available via Google’s sign-in migration guide.

3. Incremental auth
Incremental auth enables developers to ask users for the right permissions at the proper time rather than obtaining them all at once.

“If your app allows users to save music playlists to Google Drive, you can ask for basic profile info at startup, and only ask for Google Drive permissions when they’re ready to save their first mix,” Yaakubovich says.

“Likewise: you can ask for Google Calendar permissions only when users RSVP to an event, and so on.”

Yaakubovich recommends requesting only the minimum set of permissions up front and asking for further permissions only when to “reduce friction and increase app engagement.”

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