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Google URL Shortener ‘May Bring SEO Benefits’

The introduction of Google’s new URL shortener could have a significant impact on SEO campaigns.

A full launch of the service, which turns long URLs into short URLs, took place last week, making it easier for users to share links on social networking sites such as Twitter.

According to an article on Search Engine Watch, link building efforts may be improved by, as more links are shared on social networks and click-through rates increase.

“ could work into Google’s ranking algorithm and become a factor in real-time search results and possibly even regular search results if the shortener proves popular,” the website added.

It went on to point out that Google will potentially be able to assess link sharing trends on social networks and factor those results into its ranking algorithm.

Last week, Google published an updated version of its SEO starter guide, complete with tips on how to best optimise a website for the mobile internet.

This article was taken from: Impact Media

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