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Google Warns Websites Should Become Mobile Friendly

Google strives to provide its users with quality websites that are user friendly. Therefore Google penalises any sites that do not offer their users the optimum website experience. The most recent factor that Google are beginning to knuckle down on concerns MOBILE USABILITY.

Over the past couple of years in particular it has become apparent that the number of people using their mobiles to access the internet has significantly increased. Mobile use is not only being used to carry out searches on search engines like Google, it is also being used by people carrying out their online shopping. Therefore Google is beginning to perceive a mobile friendly website as a paramount feature that will positively affect SEO (search engine optimisation) listings.

So how is Google warning websites that they need to become mobile friendly?

Any professional SEO company or those people interested in managing their websites themselves will be familiar with the free service Webmaster Tools. Google refer to webmaster tools as a “free service offered by Google that helps you monitor and maintain your site’s presence in Google Search results.” For more information about Webmaster Tools click here 

When users are now logging in to their websites webmaster tools system they are beginning to see warnings from Google that are alerting them that their websites are not mobile friendly. In order to see how “un” mobile user friendly your website is you should click on the search traffic option on the left hand side navigation and click on the mobile usability link.

As demonstrated in the screenshot below Google is then telling you how many pages of your website have mobile usability issues and what these issues might be.

So with Google now expressing the importance of making websites mobile friendly there couldn’t be a better time to have your website built responsively. Take action now and prevent your website from being penalised in the search engine listings.

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