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Google Dials Adwords Onto Mobiles

The Japanese testing of AdWords on mobiles proved successful enough that Google has quietly debuted the service in the US. Do a mobile search using Google and something completely unexpected may appear.

Google has now brought AdWords to mobiles, a move that increases the number of potential outlets for their advertising inventory.

A report on discussed the change to AdWords that now allows clients to place their ads on wireless devices:

“The Internet giant quietly launched the offering that allows AdWords customers to place marketing messages-including clickable links-in listings retrieved through Google’s mobile search service.

AdWords customers can develop their own mobile advertisements and marketing campaigns, and can set daily budgets, establish scheduled marketing messages and pay only when consumers click the ad or call the business.”

This type of advertising may continue to grow as well:

“Google is working to patent a system for click-through ad placements that determines the type of device being used and automatically takes a user to a mobile Web site or places a voice call, depending on the phone’s capabilities.”

We know that Google and its competitors have been actively engaged in a battle for dominance in the local search arena. It makes sense to corner the mobile search market for advertising if possible.

Cellphones have become so mainstream that it is more unusual to find someone without one these days. Since they generally stay within arm’s reach of their owners, mobiles are a highly desirable place to deliver advertising.

Beyond Google’s contextual ads on mobiles, digital content produced by Warner Bros for marketers has joined in too. Warner’s Studio 2.0 will focus on short-form video content instead of text ads for mobiles or devices connected by broadband.

About the Author:
David is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.

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