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Google Gets Into Storefront Promotions

It’s long been possible to prove a business’s popularity by putting stuff in its window; newspaper reviews and/or a lot of customer’s written comments could do the trick. Google’s offering a higher-tech approach, however, with the release of bar code decals and a “Favorite Places on Google” program.

Google started by sending stickers to 100,000 local businesses. Business owners are supposed to put the stickers in their front windows, and then consumers can scan them with their smartphones and see reviews or access coupons.

A post on the Official Google Blog explained to people on the customer side, “This launch is part of our overall effort – online and offline – to provide you with the best local business results whenever you’re trying to figure out where to go . . .”

And business owners should know, “We plan to periodically send out new waves of window decals to qualifying businesses. . . . If you weren’t selected in this round, your first step is to claim your listing with Google’s Local Business Center for free. That will help us determine that your business information is correct. Then, you can enhance your local business listing by adding enhanced content like photos and videos.”

This program may not fare too well; it’s hard to imagine a lot of folks walking down a street, seeing a sticker, scanning it with a phone, and then doing a little light reading in order to make a buying decision. Still, now you’ve got the information, at least.

About the Author:
Doug Caverly is a staff writer for SmallBusinessNewz.

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