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Google Lists Movie Showings

Google have extended their services in the UK yet again, with the inclusion of a cinema search option. If you type in the name of a current movie, Google will bring up a box at the top of the listings where you can fill in your post code, to find showings of that movie nearby. The results show five-star rating of the movies, times of showings, a choice of days and a choice of venues.

I was all set to be fairly impressed with this new feature, seeing as I find navigating through the annoyingly time-consuming Odeon page a bit of a waste of time. However, try though I might, I found it impossible get the Exeter Odeon to list among the cinemas. I checked on their site to make sure they were actually showing the movie I was searching for, and they were. So despite typing in my post code, and even the town ‘Exeter’, Google did not list Odeon – the main cinema in this area. To me, that’s a slight oversight.

I will definitely be giving them the benefit of the doubt for the time being, and checking back to see if the listings have increased. I would have expected it to be the other way around, with them lacking listings for smaller cinemas in Exmouth and Sidmouth, but this is not the case.

In any case, they’ve given me accurate listings for the cinemas closest to me, so I suppose my complaints should be minimal. Perhaps they were just trying to save me the train fare to Exeter?

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