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The Importance of Managing Google My Business

We all want our websites to be ranking the highest in Google and for all of our customers to be giving the best reviews possible on social media. Also recommending others to buy our products or use our services.

It’s extremely important that you manage every aspect of your business, which is why managing your Google My Business listing is extremely important for your sales and enquiries.

Google My Business listings appear on the right hand side a google search and show users the following things before they even click to your website: Google Reviews

  • Reviews
  • Images of the business and products
  • Contact Numbers
  • Opening hours
  • Google Map locations
  • Different office locations, if you have multiple offices

Your potential customers can get a good source of information from just your Google My Business listing and can determine whether or not they click to your website.

Here are the reasons why managing and updating Google My Business are so important.


Anyone with a Google account can leave a review on your listing. Which means anyone wanting to leave a review through Google, can do so easily as they don’t require a Googlemail account anymore.

If you’ve forgotten about your My Business listings, you could have some bad reviews that have been left by customers. This means that potential customers will see these bad reviews. It is vital that you reply to bad reviews (you can remind yourself via our blog here).

Remember that Google will use reviews as a ranking factor in the search engines, so it’s really important that you manage your reviews and encourage more customers to leave good reviews.

Opening Hours and Contact Numbers 

A very simple, yet very effective piece of information that needs to be included and be accurate.

If you don’t have your opening hours on display and a potential customer rings your shop/office and nobody answers because you are closed. Your lead will not return because they haven’t been provided with the information that they wanted.

It works the same as having inaccurate opening hours, if your listing says you are open when you are not, it will lead to many users not using your business.

And obviously, you need to have the correct contact number so that your customers can reach you, which is particularly important if you have multiple numbers for different departments.

Map and Address My Business

When you add your business to Google, it will send you a verification letter with a code so that you can verify your business is actually where you have claimed it is.

It’s important that you are as accurate as possible when verifying your business, particularly if you are on a large trading estate. Customers need to know where they can find your business.

Also, if you have a change of offices, remember to update your address!

If you have more than one base of operations, you can also set multiple locations in My Business which is great for avoiding confusion with addresses.


Your business listing will show images of both your products/services or logo and your base of operations so that your leads can recognise your business.

If you don’t add any images, Google will pull images from your website and add them in automatically which can mean your logo won’t be included and that your office picture could be different to the real thing.

For any enquiries into Google My Business you can contact Camilla on 01392 349 580 or alternatively you can email

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