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Verify Your Business With Google

There are many online marketing strategies designed to help your business achieve maximum visibility online. From Search Engine Optimisation (making your business appear in Google listings for specific keywords) to PPC (Pay per click) to social media marketing. All of these simple strategies can help your business be found by users searching for you. However, one simple strategy that many businesses seem to be unaware of is verifying their business with Google.

Verifying your business can confirm to a customer that your business listing is managed by your business and therefore, information about your business is likely to be correct. When verifying your business Google will allow you to put in a variety of information.

  • A Business Name
  • Choose Your Location on the map
  • Business opening hours
  • Link to your website
  • A profile picture
  • Photos of the interior, exteriors, at work and so on.

So how do you Verify your business with google?

Go to the following web address . If you already have a business Gmail account you can sign in using those log in details. If not click on start now and you can start setting up your new google account.

Google will ask you to fill in the following information

google account

You will then need to go to and fill in the following information:

google my business

Google will ask to send a code to your address. This is important as It confirms to Google that your business is located where it says it is and is being set up by you. Google will send a verification code to your business. All you need to do is log back into your account when the code arrives and enter it in so that your business will be officially verified.

Once you have filled in these details you will be directed through to your new my business account. In here you will be able to add in all the relevant details mentioned above.

If you need any help verifying your business account on Google contact WNW Digital today. 

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