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Harness The SEO Power of Google Places and Yelp

Google Places and Yelp are local listing websites. The sites offer local business lists that allow people to leave reviews and comments about the businesses’ services. Why are these sites so
important? More and more people are using them to find local businesses with their mobile devices.

Google Places is Google’s local search listing site. It’s integrated with Google Maps and everything else Google offers. Yelp, however, is the other most popular listings site.

If you’re offering your SEO services to offline businesses, these sites are awesome for SEO benefits. The listings on these sites rank well in search engine results pages and, if you optimize your listings the right way, you can bring them up even higher in the search results.

It is important to use every marketing opportunity you can based on the time you can commit to your online business activities. It is also about embracing as many new methods as you can to put you ahead of the crowd.

Claiming Listings

The first step is to either create a listing or claim an existing one. Because the content on these sites is user-created, people can create a listing for a business that they’ve visited. When you claim the listing, you take over management of it.

To use Google Places, you first must have a Google account. For Yelp, just sign up. Once you’ve done that, you can follow the prompts to create a listing and then fill out the needed information.

Before you make a listing, search the site for an existing listing. If you find one with the same name, double-check the address to make sure it’s not coincidence. Then go to the link on the site that will allow you to claim the listing. There’s a short verification process, and then it’s yours.


Because these listings come up in search engine results, it’s important to keyword optimize. Make sure your keywords appear in the title and the description — be careful not to stuff.

For both sites, choosing the right category is key. If you choose the wrong one, your customers won’t be able to find you. It’s always best to choose the one category that accurately describes your listing to avoid confusing people.

Being Social

Both of these are social media sites, so it’s good to invest a little bit of time communicating and making friends with other users. You can also integrate them with your other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

When you own your listing, you can change information in your profile, add pictures and videos, and so on, but you can’t delete customer reviews.

To market an offline business, tell customers about the listings and ask them to write a review. You can also offer an incentive like a discount or freebie for those who do so. If the listing is stocked with good reviews, this makes any bad reviews look less important.

These sites are great for an offline business’s online marketing strategy and will become essential in the future.

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