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How Pinterest Can Drive Additional Traffic To Your Blog

Pinterest is an up and coming social media channel that is now presenting social media marketers huge opportunity to drive increased traffic to their blog. For those who are unfamiliar with the social media channel Pinterest, it is dominantly an image based channel that allows users to post and pin their own striking and interesting images as well as pin (like) other users images that are of interest to them. It is then through these images that users can insert links to their websites / blog feeds etc. in the hope that when someone shows interest in your image they will then direct through to your blog feed by clicking on the like provided to find out more information or read about the pin.

So how can this be achieved?

Create a Pinterest blog board

Create a Pinterest board dedicated to displaying images included in your blog posts. Each time you write and publish a new blog entry as well as publishing the link on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Google +, make sure it becomes second nature to also publish it on Pinterest. Of course you will need to make sure that the image that you include in your blog entry is good enough to stand out on the image dominated channel. Although it might take that little bit of extra time to create that powerful image, the benefits and opportunity that Pinterest can present in terms of raising brand awareness and driving increased traffic to your blog, make that little bit of extra time seem worth it.

Top Tip – If you have a very active blog feed that that talks about lots of different aspects of one main topic, you might want to create a handful of Pinterest boards, each dedicated to a branch of this topic. For example as we are a digital marketing and web design agency we have one board dedicated to social media, one to search optimisation, one to blogging, one to web design and so on. Having numerous boards that are specifically dedicated to a certain area of a topic can be great for attracting targeted traffic that are specifically interested in the boards topic. However in order for this to work successfully you will want to ensure that you can provide enough relevant pins to prevent your board from looking sparse and unprofessional.

Optimise your pins

Now that you have spent all this time adding your blog entries to your Pinterest account it is vital that you optimise you pins to ensure that they get noticed. Similar to Twitter and Instagram, Pinterest also uses the # to allow you to tag relevant words to your pin. Then when someone searches for one of these keywords your pin will be displayed in amongst all the other pins that have all been tagged using the same #. This is why it is vital that your image is striking and visually attractive enough to stand out from the hundreds of other pins that are constantly being created.

Communicate with others

You also need to ensure that you are active on Pinterest in other means. If you see a pin that has caught your eye or is of interest to you, why not like their pin or repin it to one of your other boards? This is a great way of getting yourself and your boards noticed. By common courtesy people will often return the repin or the like. This will then introduce your pin to a whole new audience. Therefore by doing this you will be increasing your brands awareness and hopefully introducing your brand to a larger audience as more and more people show interest in your pin and then direct to your blog to find out more about it.

By any means Pinterest is not a quick fix to increasing traffic to your blog, it is something that you will have dedicate time to to ensure that it is most effective. However, if you spend adequate time adding your pins, optimising them, linking them to your blog feed and communicating with others on Pinterest, this social channel can be an additional means of driving that extra traffic to your blog.

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Sophie Angell
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