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How SEO And Social Media Can Create A Powerful Online Presence

For your website to stand the best chance of online success it is important that your website has not just great SEO but also a substantial social media presence. There is little point spending your time and resources on improving one of these contributing factors if you are only going to ignore the other. You need to produce a strategy that concentrates on marrying both your SEO and your management of your social media channels in order to stand the best chance of driving online traffic towards your website. This blog entry takes a brief look at both good SEO practices and social media management advice in order to help you achieve this.

Marrying your SEO and social media in terms of keyword optimisation

Keyword Optimisation – The content that you include on your website should always be optimised and be relevant to the industry that you are in. You should carry out a keyword report to find out what keywords your business stands a good chance of listing for. It is then up to you to implement these keywords into your online content so that search engines like Google can see what your website is about. Therefore when people are carrying out searches, if your content is optimised and contains phrases that people are searching for then Google will be more likely to list your website in a better position as it will see your website as being relevant to the phrase that was searched.

In addition to this you can make sure that any content that you post on your social media channels is also optimised in the same way. For example if you are posting blog entries on social media you should always make sure that the blog entries title contains keywords. You can then fill the content that you are linking to with keywords as well so that you are reinforcing your businesses relevance to these search terms at every opportunity. In particular by posting keyword rich content particularly on social media channels like Google + can do wonders for your SEO which can help improve your listings and ultimately drive more traffic to your website.

Maintaining an online presence

Remember, in addition to creating keyword rich content on your website and on your social media channels there are other SEO practices that you should be carrying out to improve your websites listings including; updating content on a regular basis, blogging, attaining quality inbound links, filling out Meta Tags and so on. Although these practices will help improve your businesses online listing it is then just as important that you maintain this online presence by regularly updating your social media channels, as in this day and age your website is not enough for online success. People will expect to find your business on social media and will expect to be able to communicate with you through this means. Social media is therefore a great way of providing quality customer service, alerting customers to any company updates / new products and ultimately continuing to raise brand/ business awareness.

By ensuring that both your SEO and social media channels are effective will mean that you will always stand the best chance of online success. For example if a customer was to find your website through a search engine it is likely that they will also then go on to look at your social media channels to find out a little bit more about your business and to see how credible your business is. Similarly if a customer was to find your company on social media and can see that you are proactive and regularly communicating with customers/ providing useful and helpful updates they will be more likely to have trust in your business and will be more likely to visit your website. Therefore by ensuring that your SEO and social media channels are being managed properly you will be on good grounds for online business success.

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Sophie Angell
Sophie is part of the Digital Marketing team at WNW Digital, concentrating on running your social media channels, writing blogs and writing content for your websites. You can follow Sophie on Twitter @SophieWNW or alternatively email her at

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