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How To Create SEO-Friendly Content For Your Website

Creating SEO-friendly content is, unfortunately, not an easy task. It will take time and energy but is well worth it. It is one of the main ways to encourage the search engines to list your website once it goes “live”. And also, the more your practice, the better your writing will become.
First of all, before you even begin writing, remember you create content for both people and search engines.

Be Relevant
Do you know how to write for people but are unsure what the search engines like? It’s a good starting point. Be sure you write about your business in a way that makes sense. Don’t try to force any keywords at this stage yet. They will obviously appear naturally while you describe what you do but don’t try too hard.

Make sure your text is interesting but simple. It’s also very important that you are relevant. Search engines recognise if you are writing about your business or not. It is not worth playing games with the search engines as you might be banned or lose page rank – make it a rule to write articles that you think your website viewers or customers will be interested to read, and you can’t go too wrong.

Insert Keywords
Once the content is ready, check how many keywords are there already (you should have already done some keyword research into the words and phrases you want to try and list your site for in the search engines). Use the rough guideline that there shouldn’t be more than seven keywords in a five hundred-word text.

If too many keywords are inserted, the text becomes boring and repetitive for readers. What’s more, this trick won’t persuade the search engines either. They can easily recognize sensible content from content that doesn’t make much sense.

Make sure your keywords are spread naturally through the article. You can use bold text when it feels OK but it is not advisable to use too much of it.

If possible, use images but only if they are relevant. The search engine spider won’t see them but image oriented spiders like Google Image Search definitely will. Images will also make your text more interesting for readers.

Include Sub-Headings
They are another natural and easy way to import keywords to your text. Not only they will divide your text and make it look better but also introduce the readers to what the next paragraph is going to be about.

It seems obvious that you can’t put text full of errors on your website but if you spend a long time writing it, you might not be able to see your own mistakes. Make sure you take a break before looking at it again. And do it as many times as you need until you are 100% happy with what you read. It is also advisable that you ask a colleague to read what you have written before adding it to the website. Ask them if this is clear enough, if it makes sense, if anything needs adding or deleting.

Pay special attention to grammar and typo errors as you don’t want your website look unprofessional.

A good, SEO-friendly piece of text on your website is the best investment for your business. A well-written article will encourage search engine listings and bring people to your site. And if they found you because of your relevant content, it means they are interested in what you are offering. From here, there is only a small step to selling your services or products.

About The Author: Agnieszka Wach is the administrator and receptionist for WNW Design, and also assists the SEO team with website optimisation. You can email her at or phone her on 01395 542569. You can also follow WNW Design on Facebook.

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