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How to Get a Tidal Wave of Traffic from Infographics

If you asked 100 webmasters if infographics were an affordable and effective way of getting high quality backlinks and targeted traffic, at least 95 of them would reply with an emphatic “yes.” But if you pressed them to tell you about their latest infographic campaign, many of those 95 faces would be red in embarrassment as very few site owners actually tap into infographic marketing –despite the fact that they know it works.

Today I’m going to share my formula that has provided 6 winning infographic campaigns for my clients –resulting in thousands of laser-targeted visitors and serious brand exposure.

Identify Your Targets

Like any advertising campaign (which infographics essentially are), you need to determine your audience and platforms before you begin.

Posting the infographic on your site isn’t enough. That just exposes the infographic to your current followers. If you want to leverage the piece for new traffic, then you need to put it in front of a completely new audience.

Besides your own site and Google, think of where your target demographic hangs out and visits on a regular basis. For example, if you wanted to go after investment fanatics, you’d want your infographic to appear on sites like and

This is important because it helps you craft your infographic so that these authority sites will want to post and share it with their followers.

Get a Killer Topic

In the early days of infographic marketing you could put out just about anything, and as long as it looked nice, you’d get a fair amount of exposure from it. No more.

With dozens (if not hundreds) of infographics produced everyday, your topic needs to be 100% original if you want to stand out from the masses. The best topics are those that are brand new as there’s little chance your infographic topic has been done before. For example, making an infographic of this week’s presidential debate would likely get your site in front of a lot of eyeballs.

If you’re pressed for an original topic, you can do one that’s been done before. But you need to make it leaps and bounds better than the original. So if you saw a decent infographic with 8 data points about press release marketing, you’d want to make a stunning visual masterpiece with 20 data points.

Don’t Be Stingy With Design

One of infographic marketing’s most common barriers is the potential cost. And sure, you can easily shell out $5000 for an infographic if you don’t shop around.

However, I’ve had award winning infographics designed for less than $200. The key is to shop around on freelance sites like Odesk and Look for people that already have experience with infographics (and not just graphic design) and will require minimal direction. The last thing you want to spend your time doing is micromanaging the design.

Provide the designer with the data and content (hiring them to do this as well will treble the price) and let his or her talent do the rest.

While my $200 find was amazing, that’s not the norm. Expect to shell out at least $350-$500 for something great. Even though that’s not cheap, the ROI you’ll get from it will be incredible if you market it right (which is our next step).

Get the Ball Rolling

Remember that list of targets that you more or less designed the infographic for? Now it’s time to reach out to them and ask them to share your infographic with their audience.

The best way to accomplish this is to cite them as a source in the infographic. This is a low-pressure way of reaching out to them without straight out asking for a share.

Here’s an email template that I use:

Hi there NAME,

I just put together an infographic that I think you’d really like. It’s called “Presidential Debate Breakdown” and you can check it out here:


As you can see, I cited your site as a source. As we’ve been getting a lot of buzz from the infographic you’ll probably see an uptick of traffic from it.

Of course you’re more than welcome to post the infographic on your site.



You’ll probably find that if you get even 2-3 authoritative sites to share your infographic that it will naturally go viral. You can also get some momentum behind your project by sending out a press release about your infographic and sending it to high profile press release websites like

It’s Time

As you’ve seen, infographic marketing campaigns are cheap, effective and easy to roll out. Now that you’re out of excuses it’s time to start cracking on your first infographic!

About the author:
Survey Spencer is a site put together by the paid survey fanatic Spencer Mitchell. In addition to paid survey reviews, like this one on Tellwut, he also posts tips for those looking to work from home and make money online. And as you can read from this post, he runs an internet marketing firm that helps businesses get more traffic.

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