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How to Rank? A Seven-Step Guide

Those who are new to the concept of SEO can find the entire process to be overwhelming. The following steps can enable website owners to rank their sites in a better way in some of the major search engines.

1. Working Smarter, Not Harder

Effective or smart keyword research calls for choosing appropriate keywords that can convert in the best possible way. The biggest mistake most people make is to try to rank for one keyword at a time. It is much better to rank for a number of long tail keywords — this can fetch the best possible results.

2. Clarity Regarding Your Keyword Theme

It will be easier to rank if you define your keyword theme in a more specific way. By knowing more about the broad topic, you can try to find the right keyword qualifiers.

3. Creating Value

You should try to create content with value to keep it from being dismissed as spam. You can start by asking how you can create value initially. Value can take various forms because it is a combination of point of view, emotional response, utility and value that is perceived by others. By targeting one or more of these characteristics, your content can add more value.

4. Length Versus Depth

Your content should not only be relevant and long, it should also be deep. Depth of content can help you to rank in diverse ways. The benefits are:
Deeper exploration of the topic can add more value;
Unique content can enable your site to rank highly automatically;
Longer or quality content is correlated with higher rankings and more links.

By meeting a certain uniqueness threshold, your site can be made to rank well. This can help you to garner more search queries and more traffic. Google’s crawlers go through the content regularly to understand how relevant it is to search queries. They evaluate headings, visual images and paragraphs to know your pages better. According to various studies, there has always been a positive relationship between number of words in a document and rankings.

5. Design is important

You can spend more on website design if you are not working under a limited budget. Good design can help you to earn more links, increase the time on site, page views and establish trust. All of these aspects can help you to earn better rankings. Google tends to rank the well organized pages higher than their less organized counterparts. Pages that tend to become popular may also be ranked highly by the search engines. By keeping good design in mind, the task of SEO can proceed more smoothly.

6. On-Page Optimization

On page optimization tips and resources are plentiful online and the same can be used to improve your site rankings. If you’re new to SEO, one of the best ways to learn more about the different modes of SEO is to sign up for a SEO training program.

7. Over-Optimization: Links and Titles

Writing for humans will not land you in any trouble but can get you more clicks or visits online. You should avoid over optimizing but can instead choose diversification to get more attention for your site online. You can also try to include structured data on every webpage. The essentials of structured data include:
Facebook Open Graph tags
Twitter cards
Business information
Events & Reviews

The importance of link building can also not be stressed enough when it comes to ranking of pages. For professionals, link building never ends. To get the best user experience, you can try linking to great resources or professional websites that are relevant to your website. When done properly, the search engines reward exactly this type of experience with higher rankings. You should try to find out more about the importance that Google assigns to hyperlink names. Page rank is determined by the number of links coming from other websites to your website. You can exchange text links with relevant websites to improve the page rank of your site.

About the author: Ramya Raju is a freelance Web designer/writer based in India.  He has worked in a number of SEO projects and has a good insight into creating a Web design with SEO techniques incorporated.  He regularly contributes high-quality articles to top class websites and blogs. As a part-time wildlife photographer he enjoys travelling to different destinations.

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