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Improving Your SEO: Introducing Meta Tags

Getting your website to list in the top spots in search results requires a lot of hard work and is usually down to the skill / expertise of an SEO specialist / Digital Marketer. In this blog entry we address one of the basic SEO techniques that can help boost your listings.

Introducing Meta Tags

When creating a new website/ web page most CMS systems will allow you to fill in META TAGS. Meta tags are made up of a Meta Title, Meta Description and Keywords. Your Meta Tags are vital pieces of information used to help tell the search engines what the content on your web page is about and are therefore a very important SEO component. Meta Tags are not displayed on the actual web page however in search results your meta title and description is visible to others.


Your meta title should inform your readers and the search engine exactly what your page is about. Meta Titles can be no longer than 60 characters in length. They should be clear and succint. For example if you were writing a meta title for your blog post, your meta title would normally be the same as your blog title (as long as it fiited within the character limit restriction)


Your meta description should contain a brief summary about what the content on the web page is about. Meta Descriptions should be no longer than 160 characters. This is your opportunity to encourage people to visit your site, your meta description should sell your web page.


Although meta keywords are not specifically used by Google to rank your website there is still much argument to suggest that filling your keywords in is still a necessary requirement as they could become valued in the future. You should choose 10 – 12 keywords from the content on the web page.

** When writing your meta tags you should try to include your websites keywords and phrases that you focusing on targeting and wanting to list for. Please note choosing your websites keywords also requires research and skill. Keep an eye out for an upcoming blog entry including sound advice on how you should start choosing your keywords. **

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