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Interpreting SEO tips

Search engine optimization is an economic sector which puts quite a lot of information into the public domain. In general, this openness has to be regarded as a positive thing. However, it does not mean that there are no problems with the blogs and articles which are scattered all over the net. It is easy for those new to the field to become confused by the amount of data available. There are various reasons why confusion can arise and why the SEO tips may not be applicable to the task of improving the fortunes of a specific site. This does not mean that site owners should refrain from reading about the discipline, but it does mean that independent activity is a potential minefield.

At we make a concerted effort to share some of our knowledge. This is because we are concerned with establishing positive relationships with clients, while improving the reputation of our industry.

There are various dilemmas associated with interpreting tips. They make learning problematic and are one reason behind the fact that optimization has to be based on merging theory with practice. These dilemmas of interpretation are not just the usual suspects involved in learning about any subject and the following list may serve to underline this:

• Optimization has elements of art and science. Just like an art, some aspects of it can be interpreted from a variety of competing perspectives. Like a science, there are parts of optimization which are susceptible to measurement and categorisation. If optimization can sound hard to get your head around, it may be that it is because it is
• SEO is often being sold like any other online commodity. This can distort the information which is being offered in subtle ways. For example, many firms wish to distance themselves from unethical optimization techniques and they do not always come clean about those areas of vagueness which may be described as the ‘grey hat’ territory
• Due to the swift movement of the ‘search world’, in terms of changing algorithms, fluctuating market share of search engines and the evolution of social media networking sites, it is possible to get completely wrongheaded advice online. Practices which used to yield very positive results do not get them any more. In truth some of them risk incurring search engine penalties. Checking the date of content production can be a shrewd move to make
• One problem with learning online is that optimization techniques must be adjusted in line with the individual needs of a site. This means that being clear about the features of and issues with a site is very much required
• A final difficulty is that anyone can write about the topic and get it posted on a blog. Some individuals who pose as experts not only have no practical experience, but they also have done little critical thinking with regard to optimization. It is always worth interrogating sources in a critical way and matching their accuracy against other information sources. It is also worth seeking clarification where necessary from a bona fide firm.

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