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Four Ways to Find Profitable Keywords for Successful Niche Creation

For anyone who is into niche creation, keywords are the vital component that holds the business together.

Today, I’ll be detailing four ways you can find the right keywords to use in setting up a profitable niche site.

1.) Using Google Suggestion Tool

Google’s suggestion tool and related search results can easily be used to choose great keywords.

For example, typing “Pablo diet” into the search will immediately activate Google’s Suggestion tool to reveal key phrases which Google users themselves typed into Google when performing a search.

Also, as an added advantage, scrolling to the end of the search results will reveal more key phrases the search engine users typed in related to “Pablo diet.”

You can also use this method to get profitable keywords for your niche creation business.

2.) Using Google Webmaster Tool

This tool from Google is also a fantastic keyword finder if leveraged well. I admire this tool because of its ability to get the exact search term or keywords visitors typed on Google’s search engine which, in turn, brought them to your blog.

Knowing the exact search terms can help you know which keywords are popular enough to use for niche creation and which are not. It will also aid you in finding profitable long tail keywords that you can add to your arsenal when setting up your  niche site.

To find profitable keywords using the Webmaster Tool, once you’ve signed in to your account, click on the specific website you want to use to find keywords.

After clicking, a new page will load. Click on Search Traffic >>> then >>> Search Queries.

Once you click on the search queries, you will immediately be presented with lists of profitable keywords that brought visitors to your site.

As you can see in the screenshot above, “funny iPhone texts” has more impressions than the rest of the keywords, meaning you can use that keyword for an appropriate niche site.

3.) Using Google Trends

Google Trends is a popular gauge tool that can be used to find out particular events, persons or keywords that are popular in real time.

If I was to find popular key phrases on a topic, such as “iPhone messages,” these keywords below would be the outcome of my search.

Leveraging the power of Google Trends, Glen Allsop single-handedly brought in 900,000-plus search visitors within three months to his niche site.

You can also leverage Google trends and find profitable keywords which you can decide to use for your niche site set up.

4.) Using

A lot of people have really underused; thinking it’s only used to find a blog’s Alexa rank. They don’t realize Alexa can be used to find profitable keywords.

Once on, type in any website that relates to your niche and hit search. The reason for this is that Alexa will reveal the top keywords that are sending the most traffic to the website in question.

The keywords revealed are often profitable key phrases that can be used to build niche sites.

As an example, I’ll use

After clicking on the right site, I will be taken immediately to’s analytics page. Now, to show you where the profitable keywords are, you need to locate the “Top Keyword from Search Engines” section (screenshot below).

You can clearly see, five keywords send in the most search traffic to However, to show the profitability of these keywords, I’ll just show you the Google search for the No. 2 keyword above titled: “Signs your cell phone is being monitored”.

What this search result reveals is there is no site trying to claim the top position for this key phrase. Not even an EMD (Exact Match Domain) is trying to rank for it. So why not get a domain that is an exact match to the key phrase and try to rank at  the top of the search.

You can even decide to promote a product from that is centered on how to know if someone’s cellphone is being tapped. Believe me; you’d make a goldmine from taking action on this key phrase and also doing your own personalized search using the Alexa analytics tool.

In conclusion, be sure you do more research on the keywords you find to determine if a niche site will rank well for the keyphrases you have uncovered.

How do you find your own profitable keywords? Please feel free to share your strategies in the comment section below.

This post is composed by Onibalusi Segun. Oni is a writer at an online store for Kids Wear.

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