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Link Exchanges or Business Development Strategy?

As concern over link exchanges and the methods by which they are being used grows, it is time for every SEO consultant to acknowledge there is a problem.

As a manager in several organizations, I receive my share of irrelevant and sometimes insulting link exchange invitations from organizations that have no relevance to my area of business.

The Common Method

It is a known fact that links are a major concern for every site owner or SEO consultant looking for better rankings and higher page rank (PR). Today, site owners and even some SEO consultants do not care where they get the links and send thousands of e-mails through automated programs to whatever company comes across their paths. These companies work on a pure statistical basis and assume that out of all thousands of attempts, few individuals will agree to the exchange.

The problem with this method is that most of us today regard link exchange as nothing more than another form of spam. This results in a built up resistance to co-operating in a link exchange program because it might indicate your website is somehow less professional.

I believe part of the solution to this problem is for those seeking SEO consultation services to take extreme caution when choosing a provider.

Link Exchanges as a Business Development Strategy

After years of conducting link exchange activity for my business and my clients’ businesses I started noticing the true effect of link exchanges.

Slowly but surely, my clients were gaining international contacts and forming business relations with distant partners, thus enabling them easier access to their local clients and free promotion of their name. Link exchanges also brought activity into their circle of contacts and other business associates. Many formal relations ensued and evolved into a full international network with a primary purpose of serving the respected clients of the international network’s members.

Creating the Effect

The development from this point was very natural, because it was logical to assume as a multilingual SEO expert that the bridging between cultural differences and forming the same kinds of relationships with local companies and in their own language will add to the tremendous strength of this business possibility. This is exactly what we did, realizing that giving time and attention to the type of companies you are contacting and industries you are targeting is imperative to the success of your link exchange campaign.

Many times I have heard that link exchanges work on statistics and the more you send the more links you will have. This theory might be true but the quality of the link is affected by this method, and not to mention the constant depletion of the Internet resources such as SERP and directories while e-mailing in ignorance.

You will get more links and much more directed traffic and generated business if you take time to ensure the quality of your link exchange program. This had taken a tremendous effect for all the companies I consult and work with and will have the same effect for you.

Another excellent way to broaden the link exchange program is to contact the most desired of exchanges and explain the idea of business development opportunities that may be involved in such an exchange.


In summary, the link exchange program will stop having a negative effect on the SEO industry, if professionals and non-professionals will give the time and attention this major issue deserves.

I believe that with the simple and familiar advice I have passed along, there is great potential to create healthy link exchange programs where users will truly benefit from the links posted on one’s website. Don’t forget this is the first and primary reason for the link exchange program to exist and why it is affecting your ranking in such a profound way.

Orad Elkayam is the head of business operations at MO Group International. MO Group International is an award-winning multilingual SEO provider, offering services in keyword optimization, copywriting and social media management. With linguistic expertise in more than 40 different languages, MO Group International delivers high-quality Web content, written by native speakers.

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