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Optimise Your Google Business Listing

Google My Business Listings are a feature that you should all be utilising. They’re the local listings that appear in the box at the top of a search results and on the side panel in Google Maps. These listings show the services that are near to an individual user and appearing in the top three results can greatly increase your click through rate.

So, how can you optimise your business listing to increase your chances of appearing in the top 3?

Complete All Required Information

The more information you can include about your business, the better. Not only does this provide prospective customers with valuable data such as your location, business hours, services and phone number. It also makes your business more relevant for localised search terms.

Regularly check and update your information on your Business Listing to ensure all content is relevant and up to date.

Utilise Posts

Google My Business posts will appear in your business listing, similarly to the feed of a social profile.

Posts are great for promoting any events you may have, any recent blog updates or company news. This will give prospects a great idea of who your company is and what you stand for, as well as any awards or news that you have recently received as a company.

Photos and Videos

Although SEO is known for ranking text content over image content, when it comes to business listings, grabbing the eye of your customer is where you can count on photos.

Businesses with photos on their listings receive 35% more click throughs to the website than businesses without.

Google My Business has now introduced the ability to add a 30 second video describing your company to grab customers’ attention. Video has been a huge trend for the most part of 2018 and has continued into 2019, so make sure you’re doing everything you can.

Booking Button

Allowing people to book appointments directly from your Google My Business listing can be great for busy businesses that don’t necessarily have the time to answer the phone constantly.

It is also the perfect ‘call to action’ button for your business listing with completely measurable results.

This will benefit both you and your customers – it’s so much more convenient and doesn’t rely on your team having a free member of staff to answer the phone.

GMB Description

Google now allows businesses to write a 750 word description of their company in their listing. Only the first 250 characters of this will show up in the company knowledge profile as a preview, so make sure to include the more relevant information here.

Using your keywords in this description again makes your business listing more relevant for the search, but only use keywords where they are natural. Don’t use the keyword stuffing technique, this will look unnatural and potentially violate the Google My Business guidelines.

Q&A’s and Reviews

Questions and answers on your Google Business Listing can be really helpful for SEO purposes. Not only does it give you a chance to reply to your customers, but it allows you to regularly update your listing and show both Google and your customers you’re active.

The more content and use your business listing has, the higher Google is likely to rank this.

Google reviews are a huge part of optimising your Google Business Listing, this informs both Google and prospects that you are a reputable company and previous clients are happy with your service.

You should be encouraging all of your clients to leave your company a review, especially if you provided them with an exceptional service.

Try not to flood your listing with hundreds of reviews all at once, this will seem unnatural to Google and they may penalise your listing for spam or ‘foul play’.

If you want to understand how SEO can benefit your business and bring you the results that you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our dedicated professionals today.

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Currently undertaking a Communications degree at Bournemouth University, Heather is the Digital Marketing Intern at WNW Digital. She is part of the digital marketing team and here to gain industry experience and develop her skills in all elements of WNW’s expertise. You can contact her at

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It’s great to hear that you’ve been optimising your website and business listing! If your bookings have decreased, there are a few initial things that you can look at to determine a little more information.

Where does the majority of your web traffic come from? E.g. direct, organic, paid or referral.
Is this a seasonal pattern? E.g. does your traffic and conversions usually dip at this time of the year from previous analytics.
Has one aspect of your traffic decreased this month?
Have your organic rankings decreased recently?

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