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Search Engine Optimisation: Submitting Your Website To Directories

Being an administrator in a website design and internet marketing company does not mean dealing with admin tasks only. Apart from taking the usual phone calls, being first point of contact with the clients and completing various admin forms, there are also other, less admin-related tasks.

Being an administrator for WNW Design does not mean you start designing websites but it means you help optimise them, as part of the SEO work.

Search engine optimisation is hugely important for every business. If your website is not being optimised, no one will find it in Google if they don’t know your business name. You need to be found by the key-phrases of your business in the search engines.

There are many things you can do SEO-wise. Let me discuss only one of them today.

One basic thing to do for your website is submit it to directories. Directories are websites consisting of lots of links to websites. Some of them are free, some are paid, others will only list your website if you place a reciprocal link to them. Firstly, think what directories will be of interest. Then, choose which category your website belongs in.

Make sure you’ve got all the details you need before you start. Directories will require your website’s title, URL, description and keywords. Sometimes you will only be allowed to add your business name. If this is not the case, adding other titles (with your keywords) will be much more beneficial. Ask an SEO professional for advice as to what titles you will benefit from. You’ll also need a valid email address to get a confirmation email after submitting your site.

Not all directories you find are worth considering. Try to use only those which are popular, relevant, or have a high page rank.

Another thing to check before submitting this information is to make sure your website has not been listed there before as some directories will ban you for numerous attempts to leave the same URL. Yet another thing is to read the directory terms and conditions. You need to know the website you want to submit to does not contain any forbidden content.

After you have added your website, you will receive confirmation emails that have been mentioned before. Most of the emails will say your website is under review and in pending status, and that you will get another email once your website is accepted with your link information. You might also get emails asking for confirmation of your email address. If this is the case, you only have to click on the link included in the messages. Other confirmation emails might contain information that your website has been accepted or rejected.

Submitting your website to the directories is hugely important as it should give you lots of inbound links. They help your website to be found in Google via organic listings. Submitting a website to directories is very powerful especially when a website is new. Listing them in as many relevant directories as possible is a good way of getting fresh inbound links. It is not a quick process, though, and works best when used in conjunction with many other SEO techniques. Don’t expect great results over-night. Organic listings in Google take time, so be patient.

About The Author: Agnieszka Wach is the administrator and receptionist for WNW Design, and also assists the SEO team with website optimisation. You can email her at or phone her on 01395 542569. You can also follow WNW Design on Facebook.

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website marketing is a critical part of any online promotion of a business on the internet. It’s a shame that most businesses dont realise that using a SEO consultant will make a real difference to the return on investment for the company online and that in the long term it if far more cost effective too. I enjoyed your article, keep up the good work.

Thanks for your comment Lee, and i agree – building trust with clients is a huge factor in overcoming this problem i find, SEO is such an inscrutable thing if you have no experience with it, so clients have no reason to believe it is worthwhile or complicated! Explaining it and being transparent to the extent that they start to understand its value is a big part of being a professional SEO.

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