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SEO Search Engine Optimization Tips and Techniques For Google Link Building

This article examines a practice involving Search Engine Optimization that while beneficial if done the correct way can be extremely damaging if used the ‘cheap’ and ‘easy’ way. Although I hesitate to use the word Cheap or Easy because there’s nothing Inexpensive or Effortless about getting your site penalized by the ever evolving Google Caffeine or any major Search Engine. A penalty that can include a large negative drop in your site’s ranking or in some cases even being banned. I also hesitate to use the word SEO because in many cases, and this doesn’t include the reputable sites or organic methods, some link building services that aggressively market their practices involve bad schemes and even Scams. Because quite often, the only one who benefits is the person that collects your money and builds links in bad Internet neighborhoods.

The following free tips are being provided by Irbtrax SEO and ‘real time’ Internet Marketing. See the website in the window below this artice for additional information or to contact us.

Organic Link Building and acceptable Paid Links: Good SEO

Tip: Unique, relevant and resourceful content is the best way to gain inbound links. Being an authority in your chosen field is a great way to gain links. An example of authority text is content that educates, offers resources or entertains. I intentionally used the word inbound because inbound links are votes coming from other sites. They are the most coveted relevant links available.

Strategy: Distributing high quality SEO enhanced articles or press releases are a great way to gain inbound links. Some of these links will be picked up by scraper sites but at least the majority of these sites are programmed to be relevant to the field you represent based on keywords. Others may be featured on Blogs, news sites and make the Social Media circuit. These are real keepers.

Strategy: Create an external Blog and link it back to your site. This can add authority and if your Blog is popular people will link to it. Again, the key is relevant, useful and unique content that addresses a specific niche or purpose.

Tip: There are reputable companies that specialize in selling links to help with advertising or even gaining traffic from relevant and screened sources. As much as I’d like to name a few I don’t want to isolate the others. This represents the commerce side of the Internet. But in no way is this to be confused with paying for links solely for the purpose of page rank or other manipulative practices. These companies are transparent and have been in business, under the same name, for several years. You’ll also find that in researching them their clients are generally satisfied and often names you’ve actually heard of.

Paid Link Building Methods- The ‘cheap’ and ‘easy’!

Tip: If the service provider doesn’t have a direct and serviceable phone number for contact purposes it’s best to avoid them. Transparent SEO companies and agencies will either answer their phone or return your call. Also, if it’s a company on another continent they will generally provide a toll free number if they do a lot of business overseas, or at least call you if requested.

Tip: Visit their website, providing they even have one. Quite often clients ask me to investigate and the first stop is always the proposed link builders website. If the site appears outdated, vague, only provides an email contact form and quite possibly has no history, chances are you’re not dealing with who you thought you were. A site with history will contain search results numbering in the thousands. A link building source that has no links or history either doesn’t practice what they peddle (For good reason!) or may have changed their name so there’s no identifiable trail.

Tip: Refer to the Google Webmaster guidelines on link building. Perhaps this should have been the first tip but anyone who takes the time to read it, and really study it, might not read the other tips. And while that might be fine, the above tips apply to those gray areas where you might have concerns you can’t put your finger on.

Here’s Google’s explanation of what considers a Link Building Scheme.

Here’s what Google states about using paid links.

A quote from the above: “Buying or selling links that pass Page Rank is in violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and can negatively impact a site’s ranking in search results.”

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard someone state they buy links, from sources they most likely can’t even track, and have seen very good results. I’ve heard the same story myself. All I can say is that I also know people that don’t pay their out of state traffic tickets, until they get caught! And after the fees and penalties are applied they sure wish they had done so.

But will they get caught? My guess is sooner rather than later based on Google’s constant algorithm revisions.

About the author: There’s much more that can be written but hopefully this serves as a good beginning. If you have questions, concerns, or would be interested in exploring methods that organically gain high quality inbound links feel free to contact me using the various methods outlined on the Irbtrax website. For convenience the website can be viewed in the window below or visit the organic link:

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