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SEO Trends 2019

Year on year as technology advances and so do the trends that are associated with it, in this case we’re talking about Search Engine Optimisation 

Search methods that people are using can change drastically in a year and experts must keep up and develop new ways to meet these needs.  

Here is our breakdown of the top SEO trends for 2019. 

Intensified Focus on Quality Content 

Algorithm changes Google announced in 2018 revealed that Google focus is shifting to evaluating the quality content of a website. 

Just creating content to keep a blog active will not be enough 

Creating content that solves your customers’ problems, engages the user and guides them to the next stage of the buyer’s journey is paramount for 2019. 

Think quality over quantity when it comes to your content.  

E-A-T is going to need to be at the forefront of your mind when writing content.  

Expertise. Authority. Trustworthiness. These are the three pillars that should make up your content.  

Understanding how to write quality content as an authority on your subject and providing the expertise and trustworthiness your customer wants is a great way to make sure your SEO meets the requirements for a page one place. 

It signifies to your customer that you care about solving their problems and shows Google you’re a thought leader on your website’s subject, proving your relevancy. 

Prepare for Voice Search 

The way people search is changing. With home assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Home becoming more and more popular in homes around the country, the likelihood of voice search becoming a popular search tactic is high. 

When using voice search, people are more likely to ask questions than say a few keywords related to what they’re looking for.  

Voice search will use a more conversational tone than traditional search. For example, a typed search of ‘best gym near me’, could become a voice search of ‘what’s the best gym near me?’ 

The shift from ‘results’ to specific ‘answers’ means you’ll need to make sure your SEO is optimised for these questions and anticipate how voice search might affect the results your webpage displays. 

Local Search Optimisation 

Naturally, any small business will want to be top for their local searches. The best way to do this is to optimise your website to indicate where your business operates. 

Homing in on local search can make your enquiries and traffic more relevant and local to your business, increasing the chances of someone choosing you over competition. 

“Near me” searches have increased dramatically over the years, so give yourself the best chance of gaining from this by optimising your website for local search. 

The way people search is always adapting and changing, but to give yourself the best chance of boosting your rankings over the coming year, follow these tips. 

For help with your SEO, or if you have any further questions, contact WNW Digital today, and one of our dedicated professionals will be happy to help. 

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Currently undertaking a Communications degree at Bournemouth University, Heather is the Digital Marketing Intern at WNW Digital. She is part of the digital marketing team and here to gain industry experience and develop her skills in all elements of WNW’s expertise. You can contact her at

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