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SEO – Ways Of Writing A Successful Blog

Blogging is a key way of improving your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because Google wants websites to be providing fresh, unique content on a consistent basis and blogging is the best way to do this. So here are a few ways to make your blog successful which will improve your search engine rankings and ultimately get more people visiting your website.

Provide a blog that gives the reader a better understanding

With the colossal amount of blogs that are being written worldwide every day, it’s difficult to determine what the best approach is to take from an SEO point of view. But the best ranking blogs are the ones which provide the best and most trustworthy content compared to those that are talking about the same content.

Other good points from an SEO point of view is offering your customers advice on subjects for free because it could effect them or their business, as we do with blogging for our website.

Engaging TitlesSEO Title

Titles are what ultimately make the user read or not read your blog post, so make sure your titles engage your user directly and clearly shows what the article is about. It is also good to incorporate keywords in your titles as well as your URL and meta description as they will rank better in search engines.


Keywords are the best place to start your blog entries, because you can focus your subject around a keyword that you want your article to rank in and if you have a unique keyword then that works great because you’re not competing against other blog or websites that will have the same keyword.

However if you overuse a keyword, your blog will suffer because Google will think you are ‘keyword stuffing’ so that your blog will have a higher ranking, so it is important to follow guidelines when it comes to your keywords. If you are blogging in WordPress, their Yoast SEO tool bar is a great way of monitoring your keyword.

Effective Use Of Images12541026_10156373745640433_6883024471100222841_n

Nobody wants to read a massive blog post that is nothing but huge amounts of text so make sure that you break up your blog with images. Images can be a fantastic way of keeping your user on your blog, especially if they can add more colour or humour it makes the blog so much easier to read.

Like this image of my dog Boris, it makes this whole blog much better and enjoyable!

You can optimise your images by using alt tags that describe your images because Google can then see what your image is about without seeing the image itself and it also allows people using a screen reader to know what the image is. And if you can include your focus keyword in your alt tag, then even better!

Keep Up Your Standard

It’s no good have one incredible blog post that gets a great number of views and interactions and then not following it up.

For SEO, it is vital that you keep constant stream of fresh unique content otherwise your audience will decide that your blog isn’t worth going back to and you will lose a massive amount of traffic.

Another important factor is to keep the same tone and voice as your previous blogs so that you can build an audience that enjoys the way you write and then you know they will keep reading your blog in the future, resulting in more interactions and a better search engine ranking.

Share Your Blog

Finally it is important that you share your blog to the world! You can do this via social media, so that you can generate a good number of people visiting your blog and it also makes them want to read any other blog posts you have written.

It is also good to share old blogs as well as new ones, so that you have users browsing through your blog section and reading through your previous work.

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