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Steps for Creating a Great Blog Post

Many people say that blog is a voice of your company. It’s a place where new products or services can be introduced and interesting topics or market trends discussed.

What’s more, a blog gives an opportunity for customer feedback and comments, and this sort of engagement results in more activity on your site, and benefits your Search Engine listings.

Blogging can be a source of confidence, builds relationships and leads to sales. How? By blogging you’re proving to be a reliable source of information in your industry. The customers will only buy from a place they trust.

Initially you will have to research topics and subjects to write your blogs, but after a while you’ll find inspiration talking to clients, very day in your business, responding to blog comments, etc. Blogging will generate more blogging.

So what are the important things to consider when blogging?

Target Audience

The very first thing before starting a blog is to establish who the blog will be addressed to. The target audience needs to be quite specific. Don’t try to please everyone. Your aim should be to get through to the right people, so narrow your target audience and consider what they will be interested in reading, what their goals and targets are, what they need and how you can provide this. Thanks to that clear information you will be able to produce content that is engaging and useful.

Interesting Content

Adding valuable content should be your aim as it is how the business’ authority is established. What’s more, the readers will come back regularly if they find your content informative and useful.

With time you will develop your own writing style while blogging. It is often informal and shows your business’ personality. An important tip here is to try not to sell too much. You will soon realise that people respond really well and are happy to use the products or services from you, as a trusted source.

Make sure your content is not too long. About 400 words should do for one entry. If it is too long, serialising it makes sense.

While writing, it is important to address the readers as if you were taking to one particular person. If possible, support your ideas with numbers or any other available data.


When writing a blog, it is important to remember about a couple of things: the website will benefit if the content is SEO-friendly; another thing is that the content should be appealing to the readers. They should feel welcome, feel that their problems are being solved, and interested in the topic. Try to connect with both: search engines and the people!

An SEO friendly post will have a clear title relating to the topic, meta data to summarise and catch people’s attention even from the Search result pages, and keyword research may yield some phrases to include in your text. However, SEO work should be supporting your compelling content, which is crucial for the success of a blog.

Great Title & Subtitles

An interesting title will make a good start to your blog. It is what the readers make decision whether or not to read the content. But when they open it and see a big undivided chunk of text, the probability they will stay and go through it equals zero. Make sure your text is divided into paragraphs – add some interesting and eye-catching subtitles to give the readers an idea of what’s inside. Also add bold, italics or bullet points to make sure the layout is appealing.

Encourage Social Network Sharing

By doing this the readers can share your content easily. You can also add the easy “share” button at the end – a number of plugins for popular blogging platforms such as WordPress provide this functionality with the click of a button. Making your content easy for the readers to share will drive more traffic (and potential sales) to your website.


Always proofread before submitting! Always make sure the content looks professional with no grammar or spelling mistakes.

Blogging has many benefits to your business. While it might seem difficult to get started, I hope the above tips will make the experience a bit easier. And with a little practice, it will become quite natural and a smooth way of promoting your business.

Good luck!

About The Author: Agnieszka Wach is the administrator and receptionist for WNW Design, and also assists the SEO team with website optimisation. You can email her at or phone her on 08456 588310. You can also follow WNW Design Ltd on Facebook.

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