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The Basics Of SEO

Imagine you have just spent a decent sum of money on launching a website / redesigning your existing one. So what’s next?

Worringly, this a question that many people forget to ask! Yet, the success of your website hugely depends on the strategies and actions that you take during/ after your website’s launch! For the purpose of this blog entry, I briefly consider some of the important SEO strategies that should be applied to ensure your website stands the best chance of success.
– User friendly URLS – make sure your URL’s depict what the page is about for example your contact page would likely be This helps tells the search engines what your page is about.
– XML sitemap – this is a list of all the pages that you have on your website. Effectively this sitemap helps Google recognise/ find all the contact on your website.
– Keyword optimised content – by now you should have a set of keywords that you want your website to target/ list for. These keywords should be inserted throughout the content on your website so that Google for example can see that your website is relevant to these search terms.
– Meta Tags – make sure your meta tags for your pages are filled in, this also applies to image alt tags… this is another great way of telling search engines like Google what your content is about.
– Keyword reports, analytics and webmaster tools – these are all things that you should have set up. Keyword reports will allow you to check how your keywords are performing from month to month. This might help you identify keywords that are perhaps not working so well. Analytics is also another important tool as this will provide you with useful data about your website, including; page views, search patterns and so on. Webmaster tools are equally important as this will tell you if any of your links are broken, how long your pages take to load and so on.
Of course these are just some of the basic strategies that you would want to be applying to your website after its launch. If you are interested in an SEO package to ensure that your website is effective as it can be… get in touch with our friendly team at WNW Digital here.

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Sophie Angell
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