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The Most Ignored But Critical Aspects OF SEO Marketing

Many people involved in SEO marketing quite often forget that getting your site right to the top of the top ten results for your targeted keyword phrase is only half the job done. There are a number of issues that will still end up impacting tremendously on the final results that you achieve. These issues are as important if not more so than all the wonderful SEO work you will have done up to that point.

Remember that even if your site is right at the top, other competing sites below you with more attractive headlines can easily end up getting a much higher click through rate. It is also useful to remember that it does not even end with the search engine traffic arriving at your site. What matters even more is how long they will spend at your site. Basically the rule is that the longer they stay, the better and more profitable they will end up being to you. All these are critical aspects of SEO marketing that you cannot ignore.

How Powerful Are Your Headlines?

There is really no substitute to good strong headlines online. Without them, there is no doubt that all your SEO marketing efforts will fall flat on their face.

Just to illustrate the power of headlines, you will often find that the exact position of your web site on the same top page for a certain keyword phrase will often not determine the number of hits you receive. Many times, a site that is right at the bottom of the list will receive more traffic than the site that is right at the top. What makes the difference? You have guessed it, a strong headline that demands attention and therefore “steals” hits from other sites that readers see first and which should have logical gotten the hits first but don’t. What makes headline writing even trickier online is that fact that every headline has to be carefully written while keeping a very close eye on popular keywords and keyword phrases.

Fortunately despite everything, the art of writing headlines is one that can easily be learnt. A good place to start is with tabloid headlines. Studying these headlines that pull people at supermarket check out counters and then practicing as much as you possibly can will help a great deal in making you a good headline writer.

How Engrossing, Valuable And Useful Is You Content?

You must be sick of hearing the popular saying that content is king. Still this is a stark reality that you cannot afford to ignore. The only thing that will keep people at your site for long periods is your content. The only thing that will get them to come back frequently is again your content. It is clear that even if you had the best SEO expert in the world, well able to get your site right to the top of the heap, it would all amount to nothing if your content can not hold your visitors captive.

Just so that you know how powerful content is, there are numerous sites that are very successful and their entire SEO program has been based on nothing but their content. All they do is work on captivating content using the right keywords. Many of the sites that have used only this strategy have ended up with millions of hits and with heavy traffic coming in from search engines.

Do You Harvest Opt-In Email Addresses From You Traffic?

Once you have succeeded in getting the traffic to your site and you have also been able to produce the sort of content that has kept them captive at your site long enough for you to generate some useful revenue, there is still one more critical thing that you must do. It is important to harvest email addresses of those that visit your site.

No matter how good your content is, there are those who will have difficulties finding you again and need to be constantly reminded of your existence. Do not forget that you are competing with numerous other sites out there and forgetting all about you and your site is easy.

By harvesting email addresses of people that you can email on a frequent basis informing them of the latest developments and new posts at your site, you will be well on your way to sustaining and growing traffic figures to your site. The other often-overlooked huge advantage of email is that is easy to forward to friends and colleagues. This is just the sort of viral marketing that can prove to be highly useful to growing your traffic numbers in a hurry.

In Conclusion

SEO marketing is important. However without taking care of these other critical areas of your marketing, then chances are that you will not be able to reap the full benefits of your SEO efforts.

About The Author:

Article by David Callan. David is the leading search engine consultant with AKA’s Search Engine Optimisation UK team. AKA provide full SEO services as well as telephone based consulting for those preferring the DIY approach.

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