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The WebProNews 2008 Prediction List

So it’s 2008 in WebProNews land, where the weather today matches Tom Brady’s jersey number (that’s a 12 for you non-sports fans.) The start of the year represents a good time to guess what might happen over the course of the year.

As rough as webmasters thought they had it with Google over paid links in 2007, we think Google will play rougher in 2008. Their approved acquisition of DoubleClick in the US needs only similar approval from the European Union to be completed.

When that happens, and we think it will, imagine Google making the same PageRank adjustments to sites that display graphical ads to what they deem as low-quality destinations. Webmasters will long for the days when it was just text links getting this treatment.

Prognostications are the last can of chicken noodle soup in every writer’s cupboard, and we have a bowl of them for you.

Here is something we think won’t happen – Yahoo isn’t going anywhere. Not to Microsoft. Not to Google. Not to Martin Sorrell and WPP, or anyone else. Being second in search market share and having a display ad business that can bring brand names to its pages may not be sexy, but it brings revenue to Yahoo.

Another thing we won’t see – Powerset launching to the public. The natural language search engine lost its CEO in November 2007. Though they offered us a peek at the site months ago, Powerset never followed through. Natural language search is hard, kids. Lots of favorable press hype can’t counter that.

Enough of the won’ts. We think we will see the first efforts of disenchanted Hollywood writers show up on the Internet as they turn to creating content they control, instead of a studio.

But don’t expect a two and a half hour summer blockbusters showing up on the web. We think a short series of 7 to 8 minute episodes with a name star participating, and sufficient financial backing to deliver high-quality production of the shows, could lead to someone becoming the first Tony Gilroy of the Internet.

We also expect Microsoft to reorg its Net brands again and shuffle people up, down, in, and out of MSN and Windows Live. The company is stuck with two brands to promote. It makes more sense for Microsoft to promote Windows Live than MSN as a name, so we think the transition to one distinct identity should happen in 2008.

Though it’s popular now, Facebook gets its comeuppance in 2008. Someone somewhere will adopt Facebook’s old model of requiring .edu email addresses for membership in a social networking site, build up some buzz, and start grabbing members before they get to Facebook.

We now predict this article will come to an end. Hey, it came true! If you have a prediction, drop it into the comments.

About the Author:
David Utter is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.

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