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Turning a Marketing Copy into an SEO Copy

Copywriting is an integral part of your search engine optimization (SEO) campaign, especially for online retailers.

Since search engines are text-based machines, you can use your marketing copies for two things: selling the product and optimizing the site. If you follow certain specifications, you can make your marketing copy an SEO copy.

Here are some details you should pay attention to:

• Put the keyword at the title – Inserting the keyword in your title will help search spiders spot your site. Put it in the title tag as well.
• Value the meta description – This short segment is the description about your site that browsers see on the search results page. A good and relevant meta description could easily secure the browser’s click.
• Check keyword frequency – Don’t spam! Limit your keyword mentions and insert them on relevant and good content.
• Links – the search engine factors the sites that link to yours. Make sure that your linked sites are authoritative and relevant.

This article was taken from: Last Click News

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