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Use Meta Tags To Optimise Your Website

One way of optimising your website is through writing Meta Tags. Meta Tags are read by the robots in search engines. By reading your Meta Tags, search engines like Google will hopefully be able to tell how relevant or how useful your website is and therefore how high it will rank. Therefore, Meta Tags are very helpful for getting your website listed, they contain Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions and Meta Keywords.

Meta Titles – Your Meta Title should be succinct but relevant. This is the text that will appear at the top of your searches when you search something on Google. Meta Titles are usually no more than 60 characters therefore it is important that you choose the best title possible.

Meta Descriptions– This is the text that appears directly underneath the title. You will want to make sure that this text is user friendly, for example write as if you are talking to the customer, tell them a little bit more about your product, what are its benefits. Don’t get too carried away here though, Meta descriptions also have a restriction and can only be 160 characters so there is another element of keeping things short and sweet.

Meta Keywords– When choosing what your keywords are you basically wants to pick out and highlight the important text of the page. These are the words that you think people using search engines would type in. However, your key words must be on the page you are trying to optimise otherwise they will be irrelevant. Again, there is a restriction so try not to use any more than 15 keywords.

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