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Using Twitter to Drive Traffic to Your Business Blog

Today, social media as part of one’s digital marketing strategy is undeniably a critical component. Facebook and Twitter are currently the top-ranking social media sites, so considering your strategy on both sites is important when starting a business or improving upon the strategy of your existing business.

Here, we’ll review how to effectively use Twitter to drive traffic to your business blog, and why you should do so.

Leave them wanting more

Twitter is a social media site that limits one to 140 characters each time you post a comment. Inevitably, you’ll have more to say than 140 characters will allow, so write an enticing post on Twitter that inspires the reader to want to learn more about what you have teased them with, and link to your business blog so they can go to your site.

It’s critical that you post great content.

What you want is for your readers to retweet your Twitter post and the related blog post you link to within it. Make sure your content on both Twitter and in the post is of interest and worthy of sharing. That way others who are not yet following you on Twitter can see the great writing you have compiled because they trust their friends and what they have to share.

Make sure you have a link to your Twitter page on your business blog.

If your followers do retweet your post, this is great. As mentioned, you will likely have new fans coming directly to your business blog from the post. But make sure to have a link back to your Twitter page for those new readers so they can then follow you and continue the trend of coming to your blog when they are alerted of new content in your tweets. They can then also retweet your Twitter posts—this is how viral marketing is so incredibly effective.

Post with consistency.

Having traffic to your business blog will improve your search engine optimization — links from Twitter count in a major way because of Twitter’s own optimization and trusted state in the eyes of search engines. It is seen as a trusted source when it comes to link-building.

The more frequently you post interesting subject matter, the more likely it is that it will be retweeted, so try to post according to a schedule, perhaps every other day. You don’t want to be overly present in someone’s feed, but you also don’t want to be markedly absent. So post with a reliable frequency, and remember—quality content is king. Bad content can turn a reader off for good, so be critical of your work at all times. Enough said.

Twitter can and should be used to make your reader want more, so much so that they link over to your business blog from your tweet, love it, and retweet your post or share it on Google+, ensuring the viral marketing effect impacts your business in the most positive of ways.

About the author: Cara Aley is a freelance writer who covers a wide variety of topics from digital marketing strategies to issues of health and wellness.

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