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Why Social Media Should be a Part of SEO Packages

So you decided to hire those coveted SEO packages from a trusted SEO professional. What now? Well, you are making the same mistake that almost every other online business does – not implementing social media into their SEO packages – even if in a small percentile of the whole campaign.

So why is social media marketing creating such waves and making demands of being included in online marketing campaigns? Well, first and foremost, let’s look at some statistics!

• 65% of the Americans use social media profiles – more than Half the world’s cyber-literate populace use social networking sites
• 55% of all big corporate firms have a social media presence
• By 2012, 92% of people and 80% of all firms are expected to be suing social media to the hilt for branding & marketing exercises.

The last point effectively covers why you should be using social media. Because in two years’ time, almost all of your targeted consumer base will be using social media to check out their favorite brands. If you have not built a strong presence by then, even the best of SEO packages may fizzle out in results.

So what is the best strategy to implement while executing a professional SEO packages’ induced campaign? Well, here are some tips –

• Start off with the most affordable of SEO packages at hand, and build on it.
• Complement the whole campaign with viral marketing and social media badgering. This not only builds up another avenue of introducing targeted traffic into the site, but also creates a buzz about your product through word-of-mouth.
o And as evidence suggests, the latter is the most powerful of marketing mediums ever – for people trust their friends, colleagues & family more than they trust the sales manager, and precisely whom you would influence with a professional social media campaign!

However, SEO firms need to realize that all social media endeavors are about the brand and not the campaign itself. So, if you are trying to push the SEO campaign by directly pointing fingers (or links) at it, it will not succeed. Instead, go viral. Use well-made videos, updates that leak only partial info to initiate interest in the product as well as keeping a tab on the word going around on the web about your product or brand.

Remember, incorporating social media into SEO packages just for the sake of it is not going to work. Use the social networking profiles to dig out stories and individuals who will be interested in your products. Use third-party apps and gather feedback. Use SEO tactics like Blog commenting etc to introduce your social profiles to potential clients.

However, all you need for a successful Social Media campaign is good content and a better way to present it. The better buzz you create, whether intentional or generic, the better results your online marketing campaign will bring over. And better results culminate into better sales!

So if you are still not hooked onto Twitter or LinkedIn, it’s time you did – especially as a SEO enthusiast!

About the author: John Barrow is a clinically thorough expert on SEO packages, and provides tips and advice on separating the best from the rest, social media marketing & video promotion included.

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