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013 10 Effective Strategies to Increase Highly Targeted Leads on LinkedIn

One of the most powerful business networking sites in the world is LinkedIn. In fact, nearly 45 percent of LinkedIn’s members are business decision makers.

There are various ways to attract leads on LinkedIn, but here are 10 strategies you can use today to start seeing progress:

1.  Be Specific

The main ingredient to getting more leads on LinkedIn is specificity. Tell people who you are and what your services are in the most basic of terms. Specify the principle features first: your title, work experiences (both past and current), and specialization.

2.  Add Websites

Add two to three links to your LinkedIn profile. Make sure to customize what the links say.  Instead of putting “My Business Website”, rename it with “Top Marketing Tips” or “Get the Best Marketing Guide.” This will tickle your viewers’ curiosity and will definitely boost your views.

3.  Be Creative

Separate your profile from the other 80 million bland and boring profiles. Stand out by adding a video that plays automatically when people visit your profile.

4.  Ask to Connect

If you want to have more leads, ask your visitors.  Make your profile page creative and add a call to action. In your summary, let your visitors know that you want to connect with them.

5.  Add Contact Info

It is fun and easy to connect on LinkedIn because it is the only major social networking site that allows you to easily export all your connections. In your summary, make sure to add contact info, including phone or e-mail. You can also direct visitors to your website. To instantly boost your leads, offer some free phone consultation, there is no doubt leads will start to flood in.

6.  Answer Questions

Spend some time answering questions on LinkedIn that are related to your niche.  Give the most informative answer and send a private follow-up message to let your visitors know that you are happy to be of assistance for other problems as well.  This strategy will help you attract new clients.

7.  Discuss in Groups

Build a business around Groups on LinkedIn. The more you add good topics, and offer your special services or expertise, the more you establish your profile, the more people will become aware of who you are and what you do.

8.  Create an Event on LinkedIn

If you want to meet more people face-to-face, organize a business networking event in your local area. Make sure you use the ‘Events’ application to promote it.  Collaborate with group owners who can sponsor your event so you can host a free event or charge an entry fee at a fraction of the cost.

9.  Introduce Others

Connect with the friends of your friends or business partners through referrals. This is a great way to get quality leads.  Help others by sending them good leads, which you know would be beneficial for them. This strategy will help you gain leads in return.

10.  Recommend Others

Write good recommendations when you know someone provided you with a good product or service.  Recommendations establish trust and boost one’s profile.  Help others get leads and you will get more leads too, including quality recommendations.

Increasing Leads On LinkedIn

No matter what type of business you have, LinkedIn is the excellent way to connect with others and attract leads like business partners, customers, sponsors, investors, affiliates, and more.  Spend some time implementing some of these tips, and you will be amazed by the results.

Karen Sanders is a social media marketer who writes for several websites and blogs. She loves to write and share her knowledge on social media marketing. She is also a contributing writer to .

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