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Mobile Marketing – How Social Media Can Help Your Business

Mobile usage is always on the rise, and is becoming the sole browsing device for many people in the UK. Daily usage of tablets and mobile devices, particularly during commuting hours, provides companies with a prime opportunity to reach their target markets.

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Many mobile devices users participate in several micro-sessions that add up to almost 2 hours of use a day. With these short bursts, communication can be limited so it is important for you, as a company, to keep your information short and to the point to ensure maximum reach. 

Social media applications are the most popular, with sports and news related apps following behind, so if you are looking to reach your target market most effectively then these are the platforms to be using. Advertising space can be bought on most applications, and social media platforms allow you to post of your own accord, generating content that costs as much as production costs.

Another thing to consider when using mobile marketing is the variety of customisation you can use to more specifically reach your market. Location based marketing allows local businesses to target people in the area and can encourage footfall of potential customers to their stores or even just act as a memory jog for those based locally who already are aware of the company. These sorts of messages could promote daily deals and really boost the local business.

Mobile devices also have features that cannot be found on desktops and laptops such as 360 degree video which allows the viewer to move their mobile device in a full circle around themselves and be able to see so much more. This feature would be particularly good for a ‘behind the scenes’ look at something as it is immersive and allows the viewer to feel as though they are discovering extra things by interacting with the footage.

It is important to embrace mobile marketing, because even if it does not last for long, its time is now and you could miss out on a lot of business if you were to give it a miss.

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