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What to include in your Facebook business page

Creating a Facebook page for your business should come as a standard in 2016, because so many people use the social media giant on a daily basis.

But have you actually considered what you need to include to make your business page attract users? Read our guide on the essential things you need to include when making a Facebook page for your business.

Clear Call to ActionOur facebook page

Including a strong call to action on your Facebook page is critical to your business. Call to actions like ‘call now’ or ‘contact us’ engage the user directly and makes them want to click the button.

It’s a great way of getting users to your website, so make sure you pick the correct call to action that fits your business or goals.

Detailed ‘About’ Section

Facebook AboutFacebook users who have landed on your page will want to know as much information so it’s important that your ‘About’ section is filled in with as much detail and accuracy as possible.

You can include a map of where your business is located, your address, contact number, your opening hours and your website, so make sure these are all filled in and correct so that your potential customers can contact you.

The about us page will also determine how well you respond to messages, so if you leave messages without a reply for a long time, Facebook will automatically put in how long it takes you to reply which can damage users trust in your business.

Star Rating & Customer Reviews

Including a star rating will show users how other customers have rated your business and will be more compelled to contact or shop with you if you have a good rating. It’s important that you encourage your Facebook users to rate your business and leave reviews, as the more ratings and reviews you get the more reliable your business appears to new customers.

It’s also a great way to interact with customers who leave a review, as you can thank them or respond to any customers who may leave a negative review.

Clear Company Logo

A clear logo is important for brand awareness and allows users to recognise your brand when they are browsing the web. Having a clear logo will also benefit your social media advertising and your re-marketing campaigns.

Eye Catching Cover PhotoVideo content

Cover photos are a great way to not only grab the attention of your users, they can also give out information on your business whether that be through graphics or text. You can send out a lot of messages from just the cover photo on your page.

It’s also a great way to show off your products, services and finished projects.

Add as much page information as possible

The more information you include for your Facebook page, the more information your users are receiving before they have even clicked on your website.

If a Facebook page doesn’t have lots of information, the user will think it’s the same on the website and not click through.

Don’t abandon your Facebook page

Creating a Facebook page and then not updating it with a constant stream of posts will ultimately make your rankings suffer.

Google will see your business has a Facebook page that isn’t being updated and will rank your site lower than those who are keeping all their social media platforms up to date with content.

Visual Content is key to reach a big audience

Visual content is the way to reach a bigger audience. Photos and videos, particularly those that contain people (could be your team) reach out to more of your audience and leads to more post engagement.

Be sure not to bore your users with constant posts of text, break it up using images and videos that are going to lead to way more clicks.

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