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Take Social Media Inspiration From These Leading Companies

The spotlight in digital marketing has moved and there is less emphasis put on social media by businesses, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t utilise social media to bring massive amounts of traffic and engagement to your business.

Here are some case studies of leading companies, who are marketing themselves on social media in a way that gets them the best results which includes lead generation, brand Paddy Power social media postawareness and customer engagement.

Case Study: Paddy Power 

There is so much competition with betting companies at the moment, it’s hard to differentiate which one is which! However Paddy Power are the ones who stay in people’s minds because of the way they market themselves on social media.

They set out their stall from the off to have social media campaigns surrounded by humor, whether it be in the video, image or just in the text they use.

It has allowed them to attract a huge audience, with over 1.5 million likes on their Facebook page alone, their posts have attracted even those who don’t bet because the majority of their posts don’t focus on betting.

This is a fantastic way of creating brand awareness, because they have accumilated a huge following on their social media through their engaging posts. When they do post about their betting services and odds, they create lots of leads while still appealing to their current pampersaudience.

Case Study: Pampers 

Probably the most famous company that provides nappies, Pampers have a great social media marketing strategy that engages their audience directly by offering competitions and invitations to send in pictures.

This is a fantastic way of making your customers engage directly with their business and it makes them return to the page to check competition results and progress which keeps their brand fresh in the mind of their customer.

This then allows customers to see more posts when they return which could include special offers or latest products that then result in that user purchasing a product from them.starbucks

Case Study: Starbucks 

This coffee chain are the masters of simplicity with their social media campaigns, which are getting the biggest results.

With over 30 million followers, they mostly focus on photos of their products with a simple description, which gets a huge amount of engagement that include likes and questions about their new products. This really makes their audience want to purchase their drinks.

Case Study: Charmin

Because Charmin are a company that makes toilet roll, they have taken on a funny and sometimes quite crude approach to marketing their product, because nobody likes talking about going to the toilet.

This strategy has got them 71,000 followers on Twitter and their tweets are very popular, as well as their hashtags that include ‘tweet from the seat’.Charmin

These companies prove that whatever social media strategy you adopt, it can work if you do it correctly. So make sure whatever social media marketing strategy you choose, your target audience is correct and that you have a clear goal to achieve through your social media.


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