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Benefits Of Boosting Your Facebook Post

Boosting a postBoosting a post simply allows a Facebook post on your business page to reach out to more people, whether it’s a custom audience you have created, or friends of friends that have already engaged on your original post.

Having targeted friends of friends, the majority of people that will see your post are likely to be within the same area of the current customer list, or the people who like your Facebook page which means that you can really reach out to a local audience that will trust your business more than ones that were in another region of the country or abroad.

Firstly the benefits of boosting a post keeps all the likes, comments and shares that the original post received so that when new users see your post, they can see that x amount of people have liked it and they can also see the comments. This is a great advantage because users can see all the positive comments and the good amount of likes that your post has got, which will then lead to a click on your website.

Another great asset of boosting a post, is that it takes next to no time to set up and get running. You go to the post you want boosted, click ‘boost post’ and then set the budget and campaign length and it’s ready to rock. Furthermore if you have a very strong image you want to use, a boosted post doesn’t require your image to be re-sized.

However, boosting a post does focus on post engagement rather than clicks to your website and in your results, any engagement on your post whether it’s a like, comment, or opening the comments tab will result as a click.

BoostedAlso, boosting a post doesn’t allow you to include a call to action button so it becomes slightly more difficult for users to determine whether they can enter your site through the advert and does mean you have to include a website URL to the page you want them to go.

With a website click campaign, the advert solely focuses on getting people to click on your website and take them to the landing page of your choice which can work better for certain businesses.

We have certain clients that we manage here at WNW Digital that have had different results when either creating a website click campaign or boosting an original post. It is important that we get the best campaign running that is most suited to your business.

If you want to enquire or ask any questions about boosting a post on Facebook, feel free to email me at and I’ll be happy to have a chat about social media campaigns.

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Ben Wiltshire
Ben is part of the Digital Marketing team at WNW Digital, concentrating on running your social media channels, writing blogs and writing content for your websites, while also creating and managing your Facebook advertising campaigns. You can follow Ben on Twitter @BenWNWDigital or alternatively email him at

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