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Nail Your Facebook Ads to Catch the Christmas Shoppers

Facebook Ads are the perfect way to reach your audience when they aren’t actively searching for products, especially at Christmas!

Christmas Facebook ads can work extremely well considering that most people are constantly on the lookout for gifts at this time of year, and what better time to get your product in front of them then when they’re scrolling through social media?

Your Audience

If you want to generate a great ROI and produce the results that you want from your ads, it will all start with your audience.

Getting your audience right is crucial, this is where you not only need to know the target audience for your products, but also the audience of people who will be buying your products as gifts.

To get the most out of your Christmas ads, you need to target your ads to the people who will be buying your product as a gift.

For example, if your product’s target market is a younger woman, you may want to set your audience for younger men, older women who are parents or even younger women who may want to buy this product as a gift for their friends.

Crackin’ Ad Text

Converting your audience is all about the ad text and selling your product to the users.

At Christmas, you will be targeting your ads to the gift buyers more than the recipients.

Include the intended recipient in the ad text with reasons why this individual would want your product or how it would benefit their daily life.

Remember to include any special offers or Christmas specials in your ad text to catch the user’s attention.

When it comes to Facebook Ads, you need to keep it short and sweet. Your linked landing page will provide more information for users and allow you to keep your ad text concise and relevant.

Create multiple ads set to different audiences so that you can personalise the ad text depending on the intended recipient.

Spread the Festive Cheer with Your Images

Your ad image or images is what will grab the users eye on their newsfeed, and you can really get creative with this part of your ad.

Try to make them as festive as you can but remember this is an extension of your ad. Communicate who your product is aimed at or the reason why someone might want your product as a gift within your image.

It doesn’t have to be an image; sometimes a video will work better to entice people in. In addition to this, it has been proven that conversion rates are higher for video ads.

You need to start preparing your Facebook Ads now so that you can run them in the peak period before Christmas.

Your ads are completely customisable; this means that when it gets closer to the big day, you can promote more “last minute gifts”, with the selling points of ‘fast delivery’ or ‘gift wrapping service’.

If you are interested in learning more about Facebook Ads and the role they can play in your Christmas marketing strategy or in your general marketing strategy, get in touch with our team today!

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