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What Facebook Advert suits my Business?

It can be difficult to determine which Facebook advertising campaign is going to fit your business the best, because there are so many options!

You need to first decide what the main objective of your soon to be live campaign is and you have three options:

  • Do you want to increase your brands awareness?
  • Do you want to reach out and find potential customers?
  • Do you want to drive sales and conversions?

With these three options in mind and with our guide, you will be able to determine what the best advert type will be for your business.

Increasing Brand Awareness 

Reach People Near Your Business Facebook Ads

If you want to target those who are close to your business, you can show an advert to those within a distance of your business address.

This is a brilliant way to show your customers where your business is and makes them want to enquire and find out more because they are close to your base of operations.

Boost Your Posts 

Boosting a post is simple and very effective, allowing your post to reach out to an audience that you wouldn’t have reached by just posting to your business page.

The friends of those who like your page will see your post, despite whether or not they have originally liked your business page and it will then go out to their friends.

You can read a more in depth blog about Boosting Posts by clicking here.

Increase Brand Awareness

This advert is a great way of getting potential customers close to your business and to make them feel more connected.

Tell the story of your business and what you have to offer and this will increase trust, which ultimately makes the user remember and return to your business.

Promote Your Page

Simply promote your Facebook page. You may feel as though you need more likes on your Facebook page, so that you can hit more users with your online content.

Promoting your page encourages users to like your page, with a strong call to action.

Find Potential Customers ads

Raise Attendance At Your Event

Similar to promoting your Facebook page, you can set an advert that focuses on promoting an event. This will see the attendance increase.

Friends of friends of those who are already attending the event will be targeted as well as those who like your page.

Collect Leads For Your Business

Lead adverts are a brilliant way to get information about your potential customer quickly and securely.

Facebook will target those people most likely to be interested in your business, based on the audiences you choose. It will generate forms for the user to fill out that will be sent directly to you, so you can contact them.

Get Video Views

Similar to boosting a post, you can target an audience to see your video and increase how many people have seen that video.

So if you want to drive you advertising campaign with a video, this is a great way to get lots of people seeing your video which will increase your brand awareness.

Send People To Your Website 

This happens to be the ‘go to’ Facebook advert as it focuses on getting users to click on your website or landing page.

With a clickable image as well as a call to action, sending people to your website is a great way to use images or videos to entice people to click to your website.

Drive Conversions and Sales hdd

Promote A Product Catalogue

You can upload a product catalogue to Facebook and that will advertise all the products in that catalogue with a dynamic advert.

You can also choose specific products or categories to advertise, which is a great way to drive sales towards a certain product of your choice.

Get People To Claim Your Offer

If your business has an offer for customers, you can advertise that to reach both old and new customers.

You set the terms of who can claim the offer and how long it lasts, engaging people who like your page as well as a new audience that you can target by setting age, gender and interests.

Increase Conversions On Your Website

This option allows you to add a piece of code to your website page that will allow you to track your conversions like checkouts, registrations, leads and adds to cart.

You will get a report of the users who have clicked your adverts and converted, so rather than just send people to your website, you can take them to a specific buying page.

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