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Facebook Invests In Oculus VR Reality Headset

It hasn’t been long since Facebook invested in Whatsapp, however Facebook are already onto the next big thing…. The Oculus VR reality headset. Last week Facebook closed the $2 billion deal that included over 23 million shares in Facebook after proclaiming that virtual reality was the future.

With the transition between desktop to mobile being successful, Facebook have predicted that the next technological transgression will be into virtual reality, allowing us to immerse ourselves into new experiences. Although the Oculus VR reality headset was initially developed for gaming purposes, Facebook has seen the potential that the Oculus VR headset offers in the form of communication, media and education. It is thought that these new possibilities will allow for visual experiences that could entail for example a virtual trip to the supermarket or perhaps a virtual university lecture.

Despite the recent uptake in orders of the virtual reality headsets, not everyone has been convinced by Facebook’s latest investment. The success of the headset has been doubted by many as represented by a fall in Facebook shares when the deal was signed. To top this off gaming companies who previously expressed an interest in the headset have subsequently retracted their involvement since Oculus was acquired by Facebook.

Although there is a clearly divided opinion in the success of virtual reality technology, there appears to be growing interest in the development of virtual technology particularly as Sony have just declared their own head set for virtual reality. It seems that Facebook has some competition in creating visual virtual experiences that can be shared with others through a new way of technological communication.

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