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Using Lookalike Audiences For Increasingly Effective Facebook Advertising

Social media giant Facebook has over 1.79 billion users, and as a result an incredibly vast quantity of data. Facebook’s advertising platform allows us to create paid adverts that can target very specific audience demographics based on data that Facebook collects. Facebook advertising has proven to be very successful with advertisers and businesses able to target their ads to selective audiences, creating effective campaigns with the right content appearing in front of the right eyes.

Increasing Sales From Facebook Ads - lookalike audiences

Most businesses will have an audience in mind that they want to target and Facebook has devised a selection of ways in which we are able to do this. From selecting the demographics individually from age, gender, interests to using existing databases such as email addresses and other custom audience data you might have collected.

Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences allows you to target Facebook ads to people who already know of your business have likely had some contact with you before. Whether this is visiting your website, submitting their email address or liking your Facebook page Facebook allows you to create audience lists that include the Facebook users mentioned above. When choosing your demographic you can then target certain ads to these people.

For example, email addresses you might possess could either be those of existing customers or from prospects who have expressed an interest by signing up to your newsletter on your website, for example. With these lists you could create two adverts, one tailored to retaining current clients, and the other to encourage sales from prospects.

Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike Audiences are the next stage in specific targeting for your Facebook ads. When you have come to the end of your database and are looking for more customers, lookalike audiences are a great way of reaching out to similar people to those included in your custom audience. Facebook will match people from your custom audiences and create additional lookalike audiences when instructed to do so. This feature works by allowing you to select a custom audience of your own and finding people who have similar interests or characteristics as these people. These similarities to current clients make the adverts much more effective than randomly targeted ads.

For example, if you create a custom audience based on those Facebook users that visit your website, Facebook will create a lookalike audience of users that visit similar websites to yours or express similar interests and online behaviour.

So, if you want to start increasing your brand awareness to those that are likely to be interested in your product or service then why not set up a Facebook Ad targeted to a lookalike audience today.

If you have any questions regarding Facebook Ads and Lookalike Audiences, then please contact WNW Digital today for more information.

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