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The Benefits of Facebook Ads

In a time where social media is becoming ever more popular and saturated with additional capabilities other than browsing, these platforms have proven to be a fantastic method to harness the power of advertising. 

Facebook Ads in particular are known by businesses and advertising agencies everywhere due to their profound effect on audiences and the conversions they can generate when implemented correctly. 

Here at WNW Digital, we love Facebook Ads for their incredible targeting capabilities and proven success rate. If you’re looking to begin an advertising campaign and have considered using Facebook Ads, we’re here to tell you some of the reasons why we think they’re so great. 

Fine Tuned Targeting 

Many people favour Facebook Ads as the targeting capabilities are unmatched. Whether you want to target an audience based on simple demographics, lookalike audiences or using an individuals interests and online behaviour to reach your true target market.  

Even within these categories, you’re able to delve more into specifics. Location targeting, for example, allows you to promote your ads to residents, people travelling to this location, or people who have recently been to this location. 

The Ads Manager also makes it so easy to handle your campaign and where it’s shown across the Facebook platform, from people’s newsfeeds to messenger or Instagram. 

Look out for our blog post next week where we uncover Facebook Ads targeting in more detail.  

Mobile Audience 

More and more searches are being done on mobile. The beauty of Facebook Ads is that a lot of people will be browsing on their phones, and you can optimise your ads for delivery on these devices. 

Facebook offers a variety of ad types to suit mobile, and if you time your delivery right, you can hit those people who have a browse at lunchtime or in the evening, making the most of mobile traffic. 

As we mentioned in our Trends for 2019 blog, vertical videos are set to take 2019 by storm and you can harness this trend in your next Facebook Ad.  

Analytics Access 

Facebook is also well known for its reporting information. In their ‘insights’ tab in the ad manager, you can see conversions, post engagement, impressions and other social metrics all laid out clearly and in one place. 

With this, you can tell which of your ads are performing the best and where you should be assigning the majority of your budget.  

This display of data helps you to manage and adjust your campaign in real time to ensure you’re getting the best results from every ad you produce. 

If you’re the type of person who like to see all their results in one place, you can integrate your ad account with your Google Analytics account and view all of your website results and information there too. 

Brand Awareness 

For those who check their newsfeed throughout the day, your ad will receive more exposure.  

This constant reminder of your brand and visibility of your ad can really help to encourage people to eventually click through even if they were hesitant in the beginning, as it builds trust and creates great opportunities for future retargeting campaigns. 

You Market Where People Already Are 

Already people spend a large portion of their day on their phones or computers, either at work or for leisure. By using Facebook Ads, you don’t need to take an audience away from where they already are – the convenience of delivering an ad right in front of their eyes can’t be beaten. 

You can show your ads to people before they even realise they need your product, the added bonus of this is that they won’t come across your competition.  

Users trust Facebook, and if your ad takes them straight to a website with no interference between, they’re likely to trust this smooth transition and use your company again. 

Budgeting Options 

Facebook Ads allow you to spend only the maximum you’re comfortable spending. It doesn’t cost much to reach a wider audience either. 

You can set either a daily budget of how much you’re willing to spend each day of a campaign, or a lifetime budget to split for the duration of the campaign. 

Which works best is entirely up to you and your campaign objective, but the variety of options available makes Facebook Ads suitable for a lot of people. 

If you’re looking to start a Facebook Ad campaign, or if you need help managing a current campaign, get in touch with one of our Facebook experts today. Visit for more information.

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