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Facebook’s Valid Rival: Google+

Since going public back in May, Facebook is beginning to lose tread with its over-800-million users and everyone knows it.

In fact, the social networking giant finished last in the Social Media category according to The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). After releasing its ratings of the top social media websites, the ACSI gave Facebook a record-low score of 61 out of 100 possible points.

The score is an eight percent drop from last year. Facebook landed in the bottom five out of more than 230 total companies measured by the ACSI.

On the other hand, Google+ came out smelling like roses with a 78 out of 100. The score tied Wikipedia for the highest in the social media category.

The search-engine-turned-social-media-service has drawn criticism for a small user database compared to Facebook. However, an escape from traditional advertising and the perception of Google+ offering a better mobile product fares better for users of both, according to the report by the ACSI.

In addition to users’ long-time complaints about Facebook’s ads and privacy issues, inconsistent interface was the biggest problem. Most complaints centered on the new timeline feature now common for user and business profiles.

According to Facebook, the changes to its platform are ultimately for users’ experience. The company says it cares deeply about the experience people have, and are continuing to seek ways to enhance its platform.

Facebook will continue to change the look of its site and attempt to offer better ways for users’ to interact with one another, but that doesn’t mean Google+ won’t do it better.

Improvements to Facebook’s interface will happen. But it is hard to see the ads going anywhere, which have now become part of users’ news feeds.

In essence, Facebook depends on ads for revenue. So unless a rapidly different business model springs up, there needs to be a less annoying way of displaying the ads on the site.

E-businesses as a whole have failed to meet the ever-changing and on-going demands of its customers. The category dropped 1.6 percent to an average of 74.2, down from 75.9 last year.

Facebook and Google+ are currently engaged in a war of two jewels. Facebook dominates market penetration (800 million users), but Google+ obviously has taken a sharp lead in customer experience.

It may be only a matter of time before Google+ makes up in market penetration as well with increased efforts on mobile usage. If or when that happens, Facebook could become a glorified MySpace.

Although, it’s hard to imagine Facebook subscribing to that destiny.


About the author: Kyle Blasco is a SEO Copywriting Intern for the website optimization firm the Web Presence Group. In addition to advancing his career in the SEO and Internet marketing profession, he stays abreast strategies and new techniques focusing on the marriage of organic SEO and social media marketing.

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