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Finding the Right Social Media Outlet for Your Business

As social media continues to change and grow, businesses need to consider how powerful social media marketing can be to their forms of communication. Since there are billions of people who use social media, connecting those users to your business offers limitless possibilities.

It’s more important than ever to establish social media strategies. Large and small businesses alike can take advantage of social media, but it’s important to be smart and innovative with it.

Being Smart With Social Media

Remember that once you create social media accounts, you don’t stop there. You’ll fail if you don’t use the social media in engaging ways. Your users can’t be the only ones interacting – you have to be an active user, too.

Don’t flip flop from one social media outlet to another. It’ll be more influential if you build a strong presence on a couple than if you try to take them all on haphazardly.

When it comes to social media marketing, engaging with followers and making them feel like you’re connecting on their level will make a big difference.

You don’t want to be pushing your products onto them without being relatable.

Of course, every form of social media is different. Whether you’re using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn, the users and what they expect will vary. The type of information the social media outlets share will also be different.

It’s important to consider the strengths and weaknesses of each social media outlet.


Facebook has a couple important features to be aware of:

  • Users will have to ‘Like’ your page if you want them to see your updates.
  • Most users are informal – so you can use Facebook to make them feel closer to your business (like revealing behind-the-scenes photos, offering creative promotions or creating fun events they can participate in).
  • Your posts/updates can be relatively long and detailed (if you want).
  • It’s easy to personally interact with users by commenting and keeping up with conversations.
  • Compared to other social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook offers more options for privacy, but users may not be as open to following people they don’t know.

You’ll also find that most users are more fascinated with posts that have interesting photos, and these posts are the ones that typically generate more clicks.


Most people that use Twitter are just as informal as Facebook users, if not more. Although users are limited to a certain number of characters – so your posts will be much shorter than Facebook – video and images are common parts of Twitter.

Users on Twitter are typically open to connecting with individuals and companies they don’t know. So it’s a great platform to post interesting content and to present offers, promotions and contests.

Twitter also makes it easy for your company to tweet about events, news and pretty much whatever is happening now.

It’s important to remember to make your tweets simple, but urgent. Urging users to “click here” can also attract a large number of clicks.

Twitter is geared towards the entertainment world, so users are almost always up to date with any sort of news or media.


Many articles like report that the majority of Pinterest users are female.

Some of the most popular themes on Pinterest include:

  • Food and Cooking
  • Weddings
  • Fashion/Style
  • Home Décor
  • DIY Crafts
  • Art and Photography

Photos are the main component of Pinterest, so it’s a social media outlet that’s ideal for businesses who sell anything visually appealing.

Because users have to click on photos to pin them to their boards, it’s a great way to target traffic to your site. Just remember the characteristics of the users and the themes listed above, because those will be the visitors you attract.

Pinterest is a way for businesses to showcase their work and develop a digital brand, especially if you’re selling products from the categories Pinterest users love.

Pinterest is also one of the only social media outlets that has a large number of users purchasing items through it. It’s responsible for creating more traffic to websites and blogs than Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!


LinkedIn is an outlet that appeals to users with business mindsets. Users typically create accounts so they can network with other individuals in their field, as well as stay up to date on industry trends.

Most interactions between users are more formal than Twitter and Facebook, and users are less likely to be connected with people they don’t know.

However, this would be an ideal outlet for businesses looking to network and engage with their industry.

LinkedIn makes it easy to develop your niche, build relationships and contacts with a solid network and examine research opportunities.

Examining Further…

This article goes into more depth about other social media outlets and what they mean for your business.

Since each social networking outlet offers something different, it can be difficult to determine where you should start when developing your marketing strategy.

Planning your campaigns, thinking about which site to start with and deciding where you want to direct traffic are all important questions.

The solution you’ll come up with will be unique to your business. No matter what you are trying to sell, a strong social media marketing strategy can help you connect with more individuals, establish a loyal customer base and draw in more business.

Adrienne Erin is a freelance writer and author who writes about anything under the sun, from how to rent lift trucks to how to use social media to advertise your business. Want her to guest post on your blog? She’s always looking for new opportunities – tweet her at @adrienneerin.

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