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Growing your Following on Social Media

Social media is a form of digital marketing where a huge number of your audience, or potential audience, can be reached using a number of different platforms.

Attracting these people, your ideal customers, to your social pages and using these to drive traffic to your website is key in allowing your social media strategy to garner you more sales and enquiries.

But how do you encourage these people to find you online? How do you build your following on social media? How do you attract your ideal customer to your brand?

These are the questions that so many professionals face when it comes to their social media, and so many people are unsure as to how to improve their social media strategy to grow their following on social media.

So, what can you do?

Set Your Goals

Attempting to improve your social strategy and gain followers with no goal of where you will end up is the first step in failure. Understanding who you wish to attract, what platforms they’re active on and how your objectives can be met using this information is a great place to start.

There’s no point wasting your efforts – make sure you know who and what you’re after before you even start posting.

Be Human

A key approach to social media – the more people can see a human face behind a brand, and interact on a human level, the more likely they are to be to recommend and respond to your business.

Respond to posts from your audience and share relevant content – showing your audience who you are means they may well want to reach out on other platforms, share your content or visit your website.

There’s no point in having social media unless you’re going to be social – respond to and share your followers’ content for increased interaction and brand appreciation online.

Show Your Social Buttons Everywhere

There’s no better way to encourage interaction on your social channels than to link these everywhere! Link them on your website, link to your Instagram via your Facebook and vice versa.

The chances are, if people enjoy your content on one platform, they’ll enjoy it and follow you on another, as they interact with different people and on different levels on each platform, bringing you exposure on all of these.

Be Consistent

Getting and keeping your name in front of your followers or potential followers is a sure fire way to attract people to your business. In order to do this, make sure your social media posting is consistent.

You don’t want to post once every few months and see the small audience you have dwindle away, you want to be posting and sharing multiple times a day to keep your channels active and show people you’re there!

Integrate your Social Strategy

Every single platform your business decides to use should serve a particular purpose. Different platforms are known to be better for different content and attracting different users.

In order to integrate your marketing, you need to ensure all of these platforms work together to provide the best experience for your followers. For example, you wouldn’t want one team solely working on Twitter, another on Facebook – the content you produce and share could end up being completely different!

Instead, focus on having your team and your socials work alongside one another to produce the effect you want. You may create a long video for Facebook, but a large amount of your following is on Instagram, where people don’t tend to watch a long video. How about here, you show a quick 10 second preview and link people to the Facebook platform, where longer video is better received and is likely to garner more engagement?

The same can be said for things like competitions – you may run announce this on multiple platforms, but your socials need to work together to direct people to the right place to apply or enter to avoid confusion.

The seamless integration of your social channels helps to increase your reliability as a brand and establishes you as a trustworthy content resource in your industry. Making sure the right message is delivered at the right time, to the right audience and in the right format is the best way to use social platforms for success.

Most Importantly, Show Value

This is something we mention a lot in our blogs, but when it comes to digital marketing of any sort, it’s really the answer to so many problems.

Whether the purpose of your post is to make someone laugh, encourage them to click through to your website, or to enter a competition, you have to deliver value within these posts.

Establishing yourself as a product or service to solve somebody’s problems, or make their life better in some way is the perfect way to draw attention to your brand and encourage people to interact with you on social media.

For help managing your social media strategy, talk to one of our experts today.

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